Winston Bet....Love and Hate


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Aug 3, 2018
I've been playing at Winston Bet for about a month now and to be honest am pretty happy with them, the sites easy to navigate, they have a half decent selection of games, but most of all I've found verification to be painless and withdrawals using PayPal are done within about 5 hours or so as a rule and I've never had any hassel at all getting my money so far.........But.....And this really pi$$es me off!

If you're having a reasonably long session, maybe the slots are running hot for you, you will get a pop up box on or near the two hour mark saying words to the effect that ' We notice you have been playing for a while and wanted to check you are happy with your length of play etc etc blah blah' and then you can click 'yes' to continue playing or 'no' if you want to quit. On ticking 'yes' you then discover you have to tick it about seven times as the box just keeps popping up and then to make matters worst, after finally getting rid of the box and continuing with your session, after a few minutes you get automatically logged off anyway! To be fair, this doesn't happen every single time, but in around eight out of ten cases it does and it's infuritaing! and setting the reminder tab to four hours as I have done in the responsible gambling session has no effect whatsoever, the box still pops up and logs you off after two hours anyway so what's the point? Why can't players be treated like adults anymore?!

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