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Oct 4, 2011
Hello gamer community, I have the following problem, I have a free bonus for the Casino get Winpalace, this I should 50 times to implement $ 80 bonus x 50 = $ 4000, okay so far, after I had noticed the not do this with Roulette, but only with slots is possible, I played slots for 4 hours and managed to play through the bonus and had requested a payout of $ 1,300, I should fill in form and passport current bill and bank statement to the tax e-mail address to send what I have then done well, then I should have a minimum deposit of 21 dollars working to Neteller the payment to make, well made, it was finally after 8 days, the account authorized and the payout has been requested, after I had again demanded in the chat, after 10 days the money was still not on it, I asked again and was told, is still a little patience, money in the next few days their Neteller account, and now I get the e-mail her payment was denied, you have played with the bonus roulette:eek:
Allowed on this bonus thing that I would not play roulette is absoulte bullshit, because I could unlock the bonus anyway with slots, I have this few times playing on Roueltt table brought nothing I could then see it in my account history, so I've then played just slots!

After 25 days and all the effort, documents scanning sending, to create a Neteller account, deposit, then say to me now even though I had inquired in the chat even if everything is okay, I had contravened the provisions, What a deception is this???

I have all the emails and chat messages and there was nothing to say except that I would only pay before I can pay the $ 1,300 for me this is absolute fraud!

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Aug 25, 2004
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OK, first... clam down.

Next, please send the casino representative "danileg" a Private Message about your problem by following this link: Link Outdated / Removed

After giving them a reasonable amount of time, if they do not put things right to your satisfaction, you can Pitch-A-Bitch.
This is CasinoMeister's FREE service to help players with problems at non-rogue casinos.
I have already checked, and this casino is NOT in the Rogue Pit or on the No Can Do list, so your PAB should be accepted.

To submit your PAB, click here: Pitch-A-Bitch
Be sure to read ALL the terms for submitting a PAB, including the Frequently Asked Questions here: PAB FAQs

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Apr 4, 2008
It is not quite clear to me by your post, but from what I can understand, you played a few rounds on roulette? And the table brought nothing so you switched to roulette?

If this is the case then unfortunately you are out of luck. If it was a slots only bonus then that is why you were denied your winnings. It doesn't matter if you only played one round of roulette, or if you won anything on it or not. Always triple check before you accept and play with bonuses.


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Sep 24, 2009

I've already answered you on another forum, but i will repeat myself here:

The details you post here are completely false!!!!

First: The free chip (like almost all free chips) are for slots, and for sure not for games such as roulette.

AND: You made far more bets on Roulette than what you actually ‎made on slots, for sure not few rounds.

You are missleading everyone by posting this false information.

You've clearly broke the terms of the free bonus and therefore not eligible to receive the winnings.

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Sep 26, 2004
Not doubting you Daniel but you are in fact saying the op made bet amounts on roulette in excess of $4000. If this is the case not only should he not be paid but he should also have his account locked and blacklisted at rtg for making false allegations. You have the play logs dont you?


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Jan 9, 2010
You know this stuff really pisses me off. They flat out lied, trying to tarnish this casino, and it is just not right. I agree with ChuChu, but not only should they be banned from the casino, and RTG but from HERE!! Casinomeister, for just that, LYING!

DanielG, thank you for coming in an letting us know the truth.


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