Winnings CONFISCATED The Grand Ivy Casino


Dormant account
May 19, 2017
My winnings were confiscated by Grand Ivy Casino, $2,600,AUD and When i read the Terms and Conditions it states " The Maximum Bet Allowed While The Welcome Bonus Is In Play is $5.00, When I excepted the Welcome Bonus Which is 100% Bonus,I had deposited $70.00 and Received $70.00 Bonus credit which goes into Bonus Balance,When i bet over $5.00 it was with the initial $70.00 i deposited which is in Cash Balance,The way i interpreted the Terms & Condition is The Welcome Bonus Is the $70.00 in Bonus Balance and not the Cash Balance,The Bonus was not In- Play when i had bet over $5.00,The Word In-Play reflects the Welcome Bonus of $70.00 so when you start playing with it you can not bet over $5.00, and the term and condition dose not reflect initial $70.00 i deposited because it is real cash balance it was not Given to me as a Bonus it was not a free gift i had to deposit $70.00 to Receive a Welcome bonus of $70.00 ( i had not started to play with the Welcome bonus When i exceeded the Maximum $5 ,The word In-Play reflects the play-through for the Welcome Bonus ( Balance ),This is why i am so confused,In the case at hand, the winnings of $2600 (AUD) were confiscated on the grounds that i violated the bonus terms by making bets above $5 when the "Bonus is in play".When it wasn't In-Play it was " Active "

As far as i can see, the key to this entire dispute is the meaning of "in play" If the T&Cs disallowed such bets while a player has an "active bonus" i would not have pursued with a complaint.However, "in play" means something very different -- it refers to wagering with the bonus money.( Bonus Balance), I am not denying making bets above the $5 limit but only when playing with my own money ( cash balance ) (before the bonus money came into play). as soon as i started using the bonus money i restricted my bets to the $5 limit for over 8 Hours until i completed the 35X playthrough requirement, This is the term and condition of the Welcome Bonus

(iv) The Casino welcome bonus is subject to standard play-through requirements as laid out in the Promotional Terms and Conditions above with the addition that you must wager on the total amount of cash deposited and bonus funds received

(vi) The maximum bet allowed while the Welcome Bonus is in play is $5. Should You bet higher than this while the Welcome bonus is in play, the casino reserves the right to confiscate all winnings.

As you can see the the term and condition for the Welcome Bonus In-Play is in regards to the Play-through requirement for the Bonus Balance when its in Play. If it had said " The Maximum bet is $5 When the Welcome Bonus is Active " Would mean that If you have an active Welcome Bonus sitting in your account in Bonus Balance than both cash balance and bonus balance must will have a maximum bet of $5, The same way they have made a distinction with the play through requirements with a welcome bonus, saying you must wager both cash deposited and bonus funds received 35x,

If i knew that i did not understand the terms and conditions and that i was at fault i seriously would not go out of my way to make a especially when i know when i started playing with the Welcome Bonus Balance i did not exceed the max $5 bet, just remember to always read the terms and conditions and the Casinos are not always rite and they do get things wrong and this is a good example