Casino Complaint Winning Room refuse to pay my tournament winnings


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Apr 19, 2018
Winnning Room held a Halloween campaign - Quickspin-tournament from Oct 29th to Nov 4th. The games were Eastern Emeralds, Dwarfs gone Wild and Pirates Charm. Hitting a scatter gave 1 p each and hitting the freespin round gave 100 p. Redbet held an identical tournament the same period. There were separate leaderboards inside the games and my scores were running different on the two sites so there were no doubt there were two separate tournaments.

1:st - 10.000 SEK (or 1000 Euro)
2:nd - 5000 SEK
3:rd - 2500 SEK
4-6:th - 500 SEK
7-10:th 250 SEK

I played on both sites and I finished 3rd on Redbet and 1st on Winning Room.

Two days after the tournaments finished I got mails from both sites. Redbet said I finished 3rd and had been credited 2,500 SEK. So far so good. However, Winning Room's mail said I finished 4th (!) and had been credited 500 SEK.

I have mailed to Winning Room several times about this for over a week, but I haven't got a single mail in response. When speaking to chat-support they say different things. Some claim that they combined the scores from Winning Room and Redbet and put them in one single leaderboard. Some have told me the tournaments are separate. No matter which one of those two it really is, I still would have won. If you look at the screenshots, you will see that my scores combined are much higher than any other possible combined scores. So with those rules I would still have won. Either 2,500 + 10,000 or just 10,000. I got 2,500 + 500.

The screenshot is from Winning Room when 5 hours 29 min remaining of the tournament (I stopped taking screenshots when number 2 stopped playing). None of the top 3 played a single spin during the remaning 5.29 which the casino would easily be able to check (however, they say I am not allowed to see the final leaderboard for some reason! I have tried for over a week to get them to link me to the final leaderboards) However, as it said on the Winning Room in-game leaderboard the final score was:

Skärmbild (311).png

I sent them this screenshot in the chat but they told me "alot can happen in 5 hours"... However, it's actually theoretically impossible even for all 3 to pass me in 5.29 no matter how fast they play. Even for only number 2 it is theoretically impossible.

The screenshots from Redbet:

Skärmbild (313).png

Skärmbild (312).png

It is now 10 days since the tournaments finished, and still not a single reply from all my emails. The chat-support now tells me that the standings are final and will not be changed. Then say I was credited correctly because I didn't win (!). No matter how I look at this, there is no possible scenario I didn't win. I really don't understand what they are doing.

It has to be said that I have had a lot of trouble getting paid from tournaments on both Redbet and Winning Room in the past. You wouldn't believe it if I told you about how they treated me.

I hope Winning Room will come to their senses, look at the final leaderboards and explain to me how I didn't win. The leaderboard shows me 1st with 135,000 and 2nd has 83,000. So How did i finish 4th? And if you claim you combine Winning Room And Redbets leaderboards I still have the highest combined score. So how did I not win?