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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
I am requiring information on this casino "Winnersplaygroundcasino". I received an email on their new sign up /promotion. For $50 they will give you $1500 as a bonus, but if you win you can only cash out $2500, any over will be void out out. I think you have toplay the deposit and bonus 15 times to cash out. If I am right ,that would with your initial deposit,$1550 to have to play 15 times. How can any one give out a bonus of 1500? Does this sound right? Does any one out there know anything about this casino? I checked Bryan"s rogue list and didn't find it listed. After getting burned so in the past, I like to check up on casino before I spend my hard earned money. But does this really sound right? Giving out 1500 with a $50 deposit. Bryan if you are working today, what's your opinion? I kind understand if you are out recovering from turkey day. Also. a belalted happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone and Happy Holidays. Good Gaming,too.



RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
Does that mean it's a red hot, teeth tingling and very pleasant experience gambling here?!!!

No, no, no - just joshing - others have had trouble here. Beware.

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Mar 29, 2002
They booted me for no reason after I'd been there for a year or so. Never gave me any explaination why, other than because we can, despite numerous emails & phone calls. Didn't charge back or bonus abuse so I'm still in the dark about what my infraction was. Beware!

p.s. $22,500 is ALOT of play (if you're playing conservatively & trying to build up an extra $1000 so you can cashin).