Winners Playground "Too Good To Be True" promotion


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Aug 9, 2001
I received a promo email from Winners Playground offering me $20 for every blackjack I got. They also offered me $50 for every blackjack from a split hand I got. The maximum I could earn from this promo was $250. This I thought was 'too good to be true' and must have been a joke but fool that I am I took them up on their offer. The minimum wager is just $1 so I figured I could make a killing. I reached $250 in bonus money and had only lost $12 dollars of my money :) I waited for two days expecting them to email me to tell me that I had not read the instructions properly or I played at the wrong time or my stakes were too small, anything so they didn't have to pay me. But to my amazement they have come good and paid up!!!!

Just thought I'd share this with you all. There's a lot of bad vibes around these boards about rip off casinos and the like so I just thought I'd brighten it up somewhat with a bit of good news. (I'm really bored out of my brains and have got nothing better to do!)


You were lucky, I have $204 in winnings from this casino and they have yet to pay up!
Despite several e-mails etc they stall.
Last message I received was that they could not contact the casino owner!
Beware of winners playground!

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