Winners Playground Stole $325 from me, ROUGE


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Oct 27, 2003
About every 4 months I like to post here to warn people not to play at as they stole $325 from me about 2 years ago. They claimed I had opened more than one account which was a lie and they would not pay me my winnings. They gave no reason why they though I had more than one account, did not return emails and refused my offers of mutiple ID's. I will continue to post messages every once in a while in the hopes that others will read on not get ripped off like I did, I will do this until they finally close as they should have years ago.
I researched this casino and Grand Royal on a number of forums before depositing and didnot find any adverse information so I decided to go ahead. How I wish I didn't!!

I got through the WR using flat betting and finally ended up with a quarter of my deposit left.

"Oh well, one for experience" I thought but was damned if I was going to let them have the whole of it as I didn't have a very good time playing there so I initiated a cash out on the 27/4/4.

The casino replied requesting a Fax Back Form which was duly sent on the 4/5/4 and since then nothing!

After numerous emails, which have gone unanswered, the money is still sitting in the casino with a pending message on it.

The casino even had the temerity to send me a 50% reload email this weeekend where you had to email the same address I have been using to get the bonus credited to your account.

Unfortunately I missed the fact that the casino didn't have a phone number so my reseach was not that thorough.

Looks like it's definitely one to chalk up to experience but everyone else be warned!!!
This outfit took a lot of flak at WOL over a year ago - you can probably still find the posts in their archives.
I researched this casino and Grand Royal on a number of forums

You didn't research hard enough. Simply typing "winners playground" into a Google search would have yielded some red flags.

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I have had a pending withdrawal of $ 1 000 for almost 3 months, after the usaul delay of a week or so after initially requesting a withdrawal they sent me a Fax Back form which i duly filled out and emailed back, after another 2 weeks or more they emailed me an entirely different Fax back form which i also promptly filled out and emailed back, another 6 weeks has passed , my email to support was not returned. today i searched their website for a contact number and could not find one.

Players beware
unbelievable, winnersplayground suddenly deposited the money into my neteller account yesterday.
No good

Well I hadn't played at Winner's for quite some time, and forgot my log in however, I didn't create another one but got ban because they said I had mutiple accounts. NOT TRUE if it were, I ask to show me and nothing as of yet. I changed my isp and got a new computer, so how can I have mutiple accounts? Anyhoot, I wrote them and ask to be shown the other accounts and nothing, I won't play for such people, been online gambler for quite some time and try to be very careful. So, if there is another account under my name, it was purely accidental however, you know what happens if your not familar with sister sites and or mirror sites, yep you get the mutiple accounts, banning.

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