Roguish Winners Palace spam e-mail


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May 10, 2008
Brooklyn, New York, United States
This e-mail went straight into my inbox. The addressed me by name. I never even heard of this casino. I wonder who sold my e-mail address to them.

Good evening Teretta
Come check us out today and see why our bonuses cannot be beat.
Exciting rewards await you when you play with! Get a superb bonus deal that you just can?t pass up when you play with us today.
Win BIG with our remarkable bonuses when you play with us today! Now?s the time to act, come see what all the excitement is about..

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Oct 7, 2006
This casino is not even worth rogueing.

I've been receiving spam from them for ages now - quite a few users and they all originate in Asia.

The latest today:

Eric Richard Rauh <>

header says from <>)

Winners Palace - leads to

no links no support nothing but download

primary host

I was tempted to download to find out the type of Software and any more possible information - but gave a thought to viruses :)

Incidentally, the name of the casino changes, too. This is the first time I've bothered to follow the link but these people have been blacklisted in my mail program for a long time.

I think they just throw something up every week to go for quick money, then send to their list. Google doesn't even know they exist.

ntaus (Webmaster)
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