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Back-to-Back Gargantoon features on Reactoonz! :eek:

Well I've never seen this before!
Had a great win from the bonus feature last night, but was amazed when it triggered again on the very next spin!
It normally takes many 100's of spins to get this elusive feature, so I never expected this to happen.
The Gargantoon feature is what every player wants on this game, though on closer analysis the Gargantoon sequence itself did not pay that much - it only added x48 on the first feature and x46 on the second.
What made the first win so big, was hitting 18x Greens on the way to Gargantoon, which paid £600 on its own! :cool:

Only started recording half way through the first feature...

My lovely Reactoonz win from last night :cool:

Also, I have noticed several "glitches" (or sloppy programming) on quite a few slots recently - on this win, the individual wins are not being displayed in the "win box" on the left of the screen. I don't know how long it has been doing this, as I only noticed it today!
(Not long, as the screenshot below was only last month!)

This is what it should look like:


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