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Winner Screenshots August 2017

Discussion in 'Screenshots-O-Rama:' started by Nicola, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Nicola

    Nicola Meister Member mm1 webmeister

    Start of another slotting month, good luck everyone :thumbsup:

    Down to my last couple of spins on Book of Dead and got the 'Anubis' symbol in the free spins bonus.


  2. Jono777

    Jono777 Senior Member CAG mm4 mm1


    Single wild on reel 3 hidden behind big win logo.

    Wilds on 1,2, 5 were in place with 7 spins to go! - 3 and 4 dropped with just 2 spins remaining.

    Screenshot 2017-07-31 15.58.56.jpg

    Screenshot 2017-07-31 15.59.01.png

  3. richmcd

    richmcd Experienced Member

    Apologies for the terrible screenshots, but it happened pretty quickly!

    So I've been trying out Red Tiger games lately, which I've never played before. Some of them seem pretty terrible, but I quite like their held wild games (the Lotus one and the Spartan one - they seem to be clones of each other). I had a 200x hit and a 400x hit on those today.

    But I find I really enjoy their multi-feature low variance slots, like the Santa one and Lucky Halloween. They play a bit like the Ted, Wish Upon a Fortune, Top Cat slots, with regular mini bonuses (and irritating fake outs) but they seem to give bonuses a lot more frequently and are less likely to give you a complete duffer of a bonus.

    Today, I hit the feature in Lucky Halloween where the pumpkin guy removes all the low paying symbols. Usually that pays alright, or gives you a free entry to the Free Spins, but instead he dropped a full screen of the top paying symbol!

    Halloween 1.jpg

    Halloween 2.jpg

    I'm afraid I didn't catch it at a good moment, but you can see from the balance that it paid £640. So 320x. That's not great, but for a low variance slot like this it's not too bad, especially if the feature is happy to just dump it on you like this. (I also hit a full set of 4OAK on the top symbol via the 3x3 wild feature.)
  4. Trims

    Trims On a Break

    Basegame hit
    Missed out bonusround was on auto 4 horse trigger and 2x times 300x hits.
  5. Sonict

    Sonict Full Member

    I made a small deposit on Rizk to take advantage of a freespin offer. The freespins ended up not doing much, but I had to wager my deposit and I also wanted to play some slots as it is. I was going down, but at a slow pace and then this happened...


    I'll take a full screen on Spina Colada with a 5x multiplier for 125x on 25 cents. :)

    Ended up cashing out $75 so I made a profit and had some fun as well. I like these sessions on sites.
  6. nikantw

    nikantw Meister Member MM PABaccred

    1st deposit at Trada, 2nd spin (for the welcome)

    bandicam 2017-08-01 16-02-00-911.jpg
  7. distrance

    distrance Experienced Member PABnononaccred

    Holy shit this game has potential after all .. Was not expecting this! 11 spin trigger from the bell and 9 additional spins were won. Luchadora symbol was unlocked for at least ten spins. 8x bet shy from being a 1000x bet :p

  8. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    But only betting 20p... :( :(

    What is that game?
    Never seen that before! :eek2:

  9. gambyx7

    gambyx7 Experienced Member

    Nice august start...

    From loyalty poiints rescue to 800 cashout...

    Two days ago made 600 cashout and left 160 for play nad lottery. First 60 gone very quickly on various MG slots. Tried to build up with remaining 100. I was near bust, but I recovered with TFROL and GOT to 80. Decided to smash Pretty Kitty with 0.30 bet but no luck..Near bust (again) tried to use loyalty points but disconnected. After reconnection contnued with PK and five spins before end managed to get FS. And finally came this...

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    This is second time I had 4OAK wilds, but first time at the 5th reel was full stack of persian cats. But this is healthy 580x rescue...

    In the evening I managed to rise balance to 570 thanks to lottery winnings. Then tried Dragonz. Fast bonus (Flint) was lousy 27x and I continued and everything went dead for next 200 spins (0.80 bet). Then again came Flint (64x) and I recovered slightly, but then again nothing. New bonus came and this time picked Frost. But the bonus wasn't in the mood to load so I restarted.

    And Frost did this!

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Crazy 518x! Missing symbol is Frost.

    After that I picked "winter" slots: Break Away, Happy Hollydays and Deck the Halls. After some 30 spins got FS on Happy Hollydays and 35x. Some 15 spins later finally came me first magic mode ever.

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Well, semimagic...324x is OK, but I was disappointed....after that slot opened completely (5 free spins in less than 100 spins) but without any major winnings.
    At the end cashed out 800..
  10. distrance

    distrance Experienced Member PABnononaccred

    Well I always lowroll, but this time I was on a bus trip taking several hours and I wanted the balance to last so I had to play even smaller than usual!

    It's a Thunderkick game.. Im surprised you haven't seen it as it's everywhere where they have thunderkick games in. I've played it countless times in the past but deemed it as "bad game" because in the bonus I'd never have gotten anywhere near unlocking the Luchadora symbol.

    Sadly after the hit the "OFF" switch was flipped and my balance was drained very quickly back to the starting point, as I of course raised my bet thinking I could given the now much-higher balance :(

    I then took a break, and now hit this .. which tbh from a Blueprint game I'd say is pretty damn solid

  11. nikantw

    nikantw Meister Member MM PABaccred

    We talk about DOA, IR, Bonanza and more, but there are more with huge potential. Look at this:

    bandicam 2017-08-02 16-37-18-035.jpg

    From a (soon to be extinct?) MG tournament (not my win) 1st place with a 5400x bet win, 1/3 of what this slot can pay (which is more than the biggest Bonanza win so far)!
  12. distrance

    distrance Experienced Member PABnononaccred

    Blueprints are paying ... is this a dream? Wild Heart freespins with 10 wilds for the last superspin:

  13. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Senior Member CAG mm1

    Maybe should have checked my calendar :rolleyes: Posted today's win in the July thread :oops:

    Bonanza going up and down, nothing major...DoA
    even after 750 spins, TS2
    got me 100 bucks.

    And thought I'd wind it down at $350, losing at the time $150 for the day.

    Dragon Born it was, oh well, play it small, it might get you more play time going down from $366 when i started to the $350 for planned withdrawal.
    Second spin a 20x bet win, 32 spins later --> Free Spins at bloody $0,40

    216 ways

    Capture 965 (807x460).jpg

    681x bet

    Capture 964 (873x497).jpg
  14. Trims

    Trims On a Break

    Long time no seen top level. Sadly the big hits where at x25.
  15. Jono777

    Jono777 Senior Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Cherry Oh Cherry Oh Baby!

    Screenshot 2017-08-02 21.29.43.jpg

  16. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Rarely post in these threads as I don't post at all if I don't cashout normally, or unless it merits one of the megawins ones.

    Top pay on this game, I've played it a lot at higher stakes for sure but came in just 5 spins into the session. First time for me, although I have managed 400x a couple of times.

    800x bet. Sorry for capturing before the win count up was done, got the 10x on the wheel:


    Haven't withdrawn before at LeoVegas, so I think it's time to get sorted with verification and all that good stuff.
  17. cjh1969

    cjh1969 Experienced Member MM

    Upside down pictures

    I was wondering if anyone has some advise on how to post screenshots that are not upside down. I have some screenshots I took with my cell phone and then forwarded to e-mail. Everytime that I preview post the shot turns upside down. It is right side up on the e-mail and everywhere else. Thanks.
  18. dave1888

    dave1888 Meister Member PABnononaccred2 mm1

    Casino Room

    My first ever wild line on wonky came in about 15-20 as spins. Also these hits in Kronos with just two lines...Worked like a charm. Withdrew 400$ put in 93$ not bad at all.




  19. Dwyer

    Dwyer Full Member

    Deposited £50, thought id try this game - never seen it before. Was just clicking aimlessly at £1 a spin whilst browsing the net, saw the screen go dark and was like.....nice, 100x? Was stunned by time the count finished.

    Planned session turned into 2 mins, over moon with that result! Never had a win worthy of posting here ;)

    Screenshot 2017-08-02 at 13.22.24.jpg
  20. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth


    I'd look for a rotate button, and then save again before posting. Or if you post from your PC, use a program like Paint to edit it before posting. It can vary depending your your phone and either Android or iOS version what you have available if you are posting from your phone. Lots of tools to edit in app stores.

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