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Nov 19, 2002
This is actually the biggest hit of my life. I just hit a royal flush while playing pick 'em at Grand Aces Casino. I just joined them about a week ago. I am SO jazzed right now! WOOOHOOOOO!

I guess this is my lucky casino. I will ALWAYS remember this the rest of my life. I know it is not like hitting the lottery or a million dollars. But still, this is the luckiest hit I have EVER had.

Grand Aces, I could kiss you!

woohooo!!!!! :thumbsup:
Congrats Paul!!!

You can't hit the 2nd one 'til you hit the 1st

I once hit one for $1000 playing single handed JoB and hit another for $2000 FOUR HANDS LATER.

Hope yours was a biggie...

the dUck
slotchik said:
and you won how much????

I forgot to mention. lol I know this will sound anti-climatic because some of you have really hit big slot payoffs. But heck, I'm still happy. It was $3000 and it was a royal flush on pick 'em poker. I know this is not a life changing event. lol But it's the biggest hit I've ever had. I'm pretty jazzed.

At regular video poker I think you can expect a royal flush about once in 40,000 hands. But this was Pick ' Em. And it's hard to hit a royal. Like 300,000 to 1.

Good thing I played hooky from work today. :D

I've hit a few royals but I'm still waiting for the royal playing pick em. Not an easy task, good for you.
way to go

:) Congrats!!! Always like it when the player takes the casino for some cash :D and 3k is a huge win!!! Any of us would take that any day :notworthy

Enjoy that money....
Congrats Paul1!

Big slot hits are great and all, but it's the Royal Flushes take really take the cake. You always remember your first. I've been playing for years, and I didn't receive my first until about two years ago at 32Red.

Since then I've had about five or six, all MG and one RTG.

Good going :thumbsup:

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