winholdem and real-time-gaming


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here's a rather interesting/humorous bit piece of regarding parallels between online poker and casino:

most of the folks who play online poker have probably heard of
winholdem, it's basically an automated poker bot that have
the ability to share holecards with other users.

according to research, winholdem is developed by a software company
called "Hixoxih Software". this grand software company have all of ONE
employee, a chap named Robert Bornert

according to his own published resume:
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he has worked 2 years as a senior software developer for real time

relevant parts from above link:

Project History
2003 - Senior Project Manager,
2001 - 2003 Senior Project Engineer, Realtime Gaming, Atlanta, GA
2000 - 2001 Director of IT Development,, Norcross, GA.
1998 - 1999 Senior Research Consultant, Georgia Tech Research
Institute, Atlanta, GA
1997 - 1998 Senior Consultant, Panasonic, Atlanta, GA
1996 - 1998 Senior Systems Developer, Heuristic Park, Atlanta, GA
1995 - 1996 Senior Software Engineer, Origin Systems Inc., Austin, TX
1993 Founded HixoxiH Software, Phoenix, AZ1990 - 1993 Systems Engineer, Honeywell Phoenix, AZ
1987 - 1990 Systems Analyst , Williams Company, Tulsa, OK
1984 - 1987 Independent Consulting, Tulsa, OK
1981 - 1984 Programmer, Arizona Utility Control, Phoenix, A

there you have it folks, another fine upstanding gent brought to you by
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