Windows "selling" RTG "private label" casinos


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Actually, it's a form of affiliate marketing; but form the players' side it:

*can look like a new RTG casino
*adds another layer of ownership mystery and buck passing
*demonstrates that RTG doesn't control the "opening of new RTG casinos" in a certain sense
*demonstrates that the folks behind Windows are very powerful with respect to RTG
*and quality control is not a priority.

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Similar setups are available for the PlayandDeal software...except they are free to the affiliate.


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The Windows "sub-licencing" seems to have been in effect for some time. I would agree with Mary that this dilutes RTG's ability to get their affairs in order.

Didn't Microgaming eschew the concept of sub-licencing following the Tropika debacle? I seem to recall something like that but I am not certain.


This is just affiliate marketing, plain and simple. I don't even think this is Windows selling these sites directly - it looks like an affiliate of Windows.

To make this argument against Windows or RTG is wrong - most software companies allow you to do this. I know webmaster who have template casinos running MGS, iGlobalMedia, Playtech, Boss Media etc.

All you need is an affiliate program that can give you a direct download and then you set up a site that looks like a new casino but downloads the original casinos software.

When done correctly this is a good way of promoting a casino but does have a number of cons that make me believe that a casino affiliate manager should review and approve each new template casino.


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I'm not crazy about marketing existing casinos under multiple names/url's. I think it just confuses everybody and ultimately it angers players, because they are actually looking for a new casino. Notice the reaction to Levy's sites and the Virtual Casino clones.

I do consider it completely legitimate for all the permutations, misspellings, hyphenations etc. of the casino's main url; that's a convenience for the player and preserves brand integrity.

But it's a reality of the Internet at the moment.

I do think that "selling" the opportunity to be such an affiliate is wrong; that Windows/Bethedealer is going about it in a deceptive fashion;and that they are probably not at all discriminating about who signs up for this.

Ultimately, they will be cheapening the entire Real Time Gaming brand. Heck, I've seen sites that used screenshots from another software entirely from that being promoted! I can't imagine a casino affiliate manager approving that.


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Windows - deceptive? You've got to be kidding me!


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Gambling Federation now uses this model to sign affiliates for iCrystal sites. The customization goes all the way down to the software installed on the player's computer, the email offers sent out, and how customer support answers queries.

I don't see how this can do anything but confuse the hell out of players in the event of a dispute. Or us. The "source casino" is in charge of designing promotions and in the driver's seat of excluding players or conducting audits etc.