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Hello, I just read a report that Windows was added to the rogue section a short while back. One week ago we deposited 20 bucks and received (almost instantly) a 30 dollar bonus. With that $50.00 we ended up cashing out $1300.00 Today, exactly 8 days after they processed the cashout, we received our cheque (didn't have to pay for the shipping) and cashed it. I don't know what other peoples' experiences have been, however we have had immediate customer service, extremely polite replies, and patient help to our questions. But most importantly, WE GOT OUR MONEY LOL. I've heard they had some problems in the past, but if this is the way of their future, they will have our business again. BTW: changing the money from US funds to Canadian funds was an extra bonus.
I won $40 from Windows last weekend. On Monday night I got a paypal for $41.18 and today my Visa had the credit(s).

Very fast!

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