Windows Casino On Rogue List?


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Apr 12, 2002
I was surprised to see Windows casino on this list (assuming we are talking about

To be honest, I've had good experiences there; although, they are a little slow in answering Email.

I've won a fair amount of money there, and have always received the check within a week or so after cash-out. This is very quick for online sites.

In addition, they sent me some nice promotion offers, in spite of the fact that I always seem to win there (I only wish this was the case at all casinos ;-)

I understand the somewhat bogus "best casino on the net" claim, but let's face it, most of these sites do something of that nature.

The porn conection doesn't really concern me either. Rather, I'm more worried about hassle free financial trancations and that sort of thing.

Has anyone from Windows responded to this? I would think they would want to work things out.

Of course, my comments are only from my own experiences. I'm not reccomending the casino, but in fairness, I have to say, I've not had problems there.

I haven't played there since Feb?, so maybe things have changed. I hope this isn't the case.

Hi Dirk,

I have received information from one of their affiliates that their statistics are very inaccurate and at times deceptive. At the moment, they are not answering his emails. When I receive more information about this I will post it as well.

You my have won a fair amount of money from them, but when they conduct themselves in this manner, they deserve to be weeded out. Notice that this casino is merely "not recommended" and not listed as a "rogue" casino, (there is a difference,check it out!) But with the infomation that I am gathering, they will undoubtly be upgraded to "rogue".

Be wary of this casino.

I should speak up.

Their stats are updated once a day. And there are times when I wonder about their accuracy - but last month proved me wrong. And I got paid in a timely manner.

They are a bit slow to respond on occasion, but they have delivered the goods for me.
In March I referred players to Windows Casino for the first time and it resulted in money owing to me. Early in April I received an email detailing the payment along with the following message:

"Your commission is being held for 6 month, because our credit card processing company described some of your players purchases as a high risk transactions.
They won't pay us until the end of the possible charge back period, which is 6 month from the day of purchase. Your commission will be paid along
with your reserve as indicated in your statements."

Anyone have an opinion on whether this sounds legitimate or just an excuse to delay payment?
If it is an excuse it's a new one I haven't heard before. But expecting you to be patient on these rather tenuous grounds for 6 months would not sit well with me. And surely they are treading a thin ethical line by classing your referral money with some other non-specific transaction which "might" be "high risk"?

Sounds like a good place to steer clear of.
I wouldn't be too happy about that, but I don't think it's an excuse. RTG casinos routinely hold a percentage (20%,I think) against possible chargebacks for six months. I think that sensible even if I don't like it.

But if your entire commission is being held, I'd say something was wrong with that.

I'd ask for a full explanation as to how the purchases were classified as high risk.
Questions for the affiliates at windowscasino.

The following are the terms they use for their
stats page.
Could anyone explain what each term means to us, affiliates?

Clickthroughs: 99
Number of Downloaders: 9
Number of Players: 3
Number of New Depositors: 1
Total Initial Deposits: $1,000.00
Total Deposits: $1,000.00
Net Profit: $0.00
Amount Earned to Date: $0.00
Amount Earned This Period: $0.00

Minimum Deposit: $200.00
Maximum Deposit: $1,000.00
Average Deposit: $600.00
you have 99 clicks
9 peoble download the software
3 guys played- ( fun and real )
1 guy make a 1000$ deposit
the money is still unplayed, thats why the net profit is still 0
Amount Earned to Date: $0.00
( you erned 0 until today in total )
Amount Earned This Period: $0.00
(for this month )

hope this help you

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