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Nov 30, 2004
I used a no deposit coupon at windows casino I finished all playthrough requirement with balance of 20$. I talked with supported staff online and was confirmed that I am fine to cash out this money. However, they asked me to deposit money before I cashed in. I therefore made a deposit at windows casino. I play some slot games and then I try to cash out the whole money from them. I expected my money could come back to my account some days later. However, the 7 days later, I am shocked that they locked my account without any notice! The reason is I was not entitled to use that coupon To my understand, the system will not work at all if the player redeem an expired or invalid coupon in RGT casino. They returned my deposit (no winning) to me in an hour after I wrote a complaint email to them. They did not response my email any more now. That is my recent experience at a BEST ONLINE CASINO, WINNER OF 5 ONLINE GAMING AWARDS 2004: windows casino.
consider yourself lucky that they even gave you the initial deposit back. I posted just today that I think they are not even online at the present moment. I've noticed their banners had little 'x' in the corner and when u click on them, it says that 'this page cannot be displayed'. I also coincidentally received an email from them this past week and when i clicked on it out of curiosity, it couldn't find the server.
Windows Casino is really shi*y.
They refused to pay my winnings as well about a half year ago, just got back my deposit.
But hey, I also got a good news for:
Just wait and maybe ull get an original incredible Windows-Casino mousepad like me. So stay well behaved :p

Bmw1995 said:
:lolup: Yep - in the opinion of ONE organisation only: Windows Casino!

They WERE good 2-3 years ago (until I was banned for winning to much (just over $1000 profit in 12-months)), but shortly after that they changed their bonus policy to a 'don't touch with a very long barge pole' one! ;)
I just went to their website and it seems to be up and running. Anyways I see that they still have the Ferrari 360 Modena contest going. I wonder if they actually do give these cars away. They have pictures of people, apparently the winners beside their cars holding a certificate that says Windows Casino on it. Anyone know of or heard of anyone actually winning these contests?
The player who won this Ferrari was from Denmark!

...we have been banned from the casino since 2001

Thats really funny! must be the owners cousin!
Ah, jeez that's funny!

A real classic and I would like to make a news story on it and ask Friedman et al for a comment. Can you give me a link to the announcement of the winner from these rogues?

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