Windows 11- Who owns your data?

Yes, these not-nordic countries are something else, aren't they? Maybe some day they will also get up to speed with the coolest software.

Btw. Next time, just send me a PM before you "upgrade" your system the Swedish way :thumbsup:

Why the explosives? I have destroyed computers to bits like that in 5 seconds, with my bare hands. 6 consecutive bonus guarantees on Rhino, 2 consecutive sub-10x Bonanza bonuses...etc...
I have to agree with the above.

No, not Geordie, but about Apple products. Partner's i-phone's died within two years and had (RIP) terrible battery life.

Compare that with Samsung, it's like night and day. Their batteries probably hold, ooh, around ten times more charge, I couldn't believe it. I didn't think I'd take this life path but I can definitely confirm I'm a Samsung convert.

I don't even care if it pilfers my personal data at this point it's that good!
They have been gunning to remove 'right to repair' last 2 years or so.
Not giving out schematics to independent repair shops, buying up all parts so only their Igenius repair shop has ny stock etc.

I get recommendations from some guy that has been traveling around the country talking to senators about the right to repair, why its important etc. He also uploads alot of videos like the one below, and they do a good job of highlighting the main benefit of right to repair.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
My think this country was almost equal to our countries not that long ago.
We knew Brexit would set them back, but nobody expected anything like this.

When they get this excited about windows 11, there is no way they would be able to comprehend the fact that
for as long i can remember i have been using windows 2000.

Lets just leave them some modern technology and a way for them to contact us in the future when their tech catches up.

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Alright Ternur, lets get int...


'Well, im not sure thats the best way to desc,..'


'Yes, we take steel bird.. Come on Ternur, lets just get in the car and get out of here'
You can take the piss all you want - I'll have you know in our house we like to settle down with a toastie, bottle of cheap fizzy pop and a play Pong with a modern COLOUR TV VERSION not the old monochrome one! Then afterwards over to DAVE channel for a couple of Bullseyes before bed. So you can shove your new-fangled portable CD players and Game Boys up your a*se.



Nobody holds a gun to your head to use any of the Windows products. Just uninstall it and run another operating system if you feel that Microsoft is the evil Company you think it is.
You can take the piss all you want -
So me saying that i did not want your urine the first two times you made me this offer somehow made you think 'third time's the charm'?


This one talks alot, but meaningful communication is not possible.
Rewarding him with pieces of pigs in a blanket showed great promise at first, but i fear this might be as good as its going to get.

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