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Well, my apologies to you guys who were skeptical about Craig Williamson and his sites. Looks like you may have been right after all. I asked for a $400 cashout on May 17th at AvatarBingo. After 7-10 days notice, they deposited $200 into PayPal, although $400 had been removed from my account. I asked where was the other $200 and was told that due to so many cash outs they had to pay me in installments. I received another $100 the next day. They still owe me $100, but aren't returning my emails. Seems strange that a site can't pay out $400 in one day doesn't it? Maybe that site isn't doing as well as one would have us believe...
Oh I have heard a bunch of crap from dear old Craig. Came on the boards with a bang about doing the right thing, paying everyone with payments.

It was all happy clappy bullshit. Stay far away from these casinos.

Have to make payments on a 400 win. THAT SHOULD LET YOU KNOW HOW BROKE THEY ARE.
If this is Steve Adkins, Craig has told me that he's in tight with you now; of course, this was several weeks ago. I'm wondering if he knows Elda and Lynn are just blowing people off that have legitimate complaints. Lynn told me that Elda handles all the accounting and was pretty abrupt doing it. Elda told me I would get the rest of my money the next day and shorted me $100. Their big jackpot winner is being paid in installments...where the hell is all that money they are raking in going? Apparently not back into the site. I am finished with anything they run.
Craig likes to think he's in tight with anyone. Next thing he'll say is that he has converted me into being a believer.


Do not play at Windnsea gaming sites.
Craig alias Shawn in tight with Steve Adkins. Now that is FUNNY! I don't think so, somehow - looks like Craig is living down to his reputation for being loose with the truth.
What? the only thing tight about Craig and I is my hands around his neck.

Jesus H Christ. Tight with Craig? Yeah and I just had a few beers with that liar Ashbee too.
Why would anyone gamble at one of his sites? Do we not read the not recommended list of every casino portal out there.

OH well live and learn I guess.

Craig not paying players... Imagine that
I've never heard anyone say anything good about this Craig. Anyone who read his posts on WOL last year could easily tell this guys is a real BS artist.

What a class act.
Oh, and I like the installment plan. Tell him you will except $1 a week. Just think, in less than two years you will be paid off.

Boy is this Craig kat a gimp.

Okay guys and gals...I finally got the balance of my money. I had to e-mail Craig directly to get it, but I had my money the same day (I'm sure he didn't want me posting in here. Oops, too late!). They have someone named Elda in accounting and if her accounting skills are as poor as her spelling skills, no wonder people aren't getting their money in a timely manner because I'm not so sure she can add either. A $400 payout spread out over a week!!! Get Real!! Craig, your business is only as good as the people you might want to be a little more selective.
Lynn, Hostess/Manager at Avatarbingo posted a message in the Bingo Bugle in the Words section about me. You'll notice that I omitted that in my original complaint in here but since she has brought it up, this is the real story and this is my reply to her...


It's a shame when you posted in Words on the Bingo Bugle that you didn't tell the whole story. You didn't point out that Monica had been harassing me on your site and nothing was done about it. What do you call it when a person sits at your table and proceeds to tell you that you should be in Gamblers Anonymous, that gambling runs in your family, that your trying to get people to go to the dime room and play so you'll have a better chance at the jackpot in the quarter room, then goes back to her table and proceeds to tell the people there that I'm a b*tch and a troublemaker, etc. etc. etc. I didn't start this and I had never heard of Monica till that day.

Of course, that would have been bad publicity wouldn't it? You couldn't very well get in there and announce you have players who harass other players. Also, when I emailed her, it had nothing to do with Avatar at all, and I was a lot nicer to her than she had been to me. She's the one who kept saying I was a b*tch, which is just exactly how she was spelling it on your talk history. I can only think that she is probably a "friend" of yours in there, but I'll be willing to bet she didn't bother to tell you she started all this crap to begin with did she? I never said anything vulgar on your bulletin board either, so that was another lie. I did call Monica a liar on it and told her she needed to learn how to read, but I used no curse words.

It didn't bother me at all to be banned; why do you think I cleared out all my money. And the only reason I got the last $100 is because I emailed Craig directly. I can't imagine Craig being pleased about all this adverse publicity either. I've already posted a reply to your lies on Word, and also in a couple of other Gambling message boards. And I will keep posting replies to your lies as long as you keep it up. Try to stick to the truth while your at it....enjoy the fallout!

Windnsea Bingo sites are being represented and marketed on the following board...if you're owed money by Craig, go pester them at:

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