Be Aware Winbig21 complaints are piling up and no one is responding


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
In recent weeks we've had several PABs come in regarding non-payment issues at Winbig21 ( There are several troubling aspects to this:

  • in all cases the players report having been given a variety of excuses for late or non payment. It all starts sounding like a load of BS after a while.
  • the claims against the casino are pretty substantial, at this point our PABs are for amounts totalling $100,000+.
  • the casino hasn't acknowledged a single complaint we've submitted.

So ...

Be Aware: Winbig21 is apparently giving players the run-around with "creative" excuses and not paying withdrawal requests. Players are advised to PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION or face the discomfort of being fed BS and not receiving monies owed.

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