Win Tingo - Any recent experience?


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Recently i received another email from WinTingo that they changed their license from isle of man to Malta. I though ok fine but did not bother as of my last experience with them it was an endless mess.. bad csr.. bonuscodes not working.. days for cashout..

Anyway today they send me another juicy bonus match offer, i checked out their site and see they now also offer netent games including DoA.

I checked their bonus terms and they are still like before.. 30x bonus wr, no slot exclusions etc..

So this would be a nice possibility to enhance playtime on doa but iam still afraiud to deposit there out of my last experience with them.

So anybody played there recently and can share his/her experience?

In hope for a good change..


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I used to play there last year a lot and I always had a positive experience.

They haven't mailed me in yonks so they have faded into oblivion for me. Outta sight, outta mind.