Expired Promo Win £/€1,000 Daily Slot Challenge at Videoslots & Trada Casino. Free to Enter! Fun Game, Lets Play!

There are promos that are no more.
Thought it would be a bit of fun, I'm looking forward to doing the live streaming.
Teams will be formed on a first come - first served basis,
so technically you could be tactical if the few people before you post have put "Split" if you're on the sharing side ;)

Hopefully we will get some nice bonuses and a team will get to the jackpot wheel nice and quick!

Rob :)
The Daily Slot Challenge - Day 24 at Trada Casino
Not long left to go now until the end of the month!
Massive thanks to all players who have been getting involved.

Today's Results Video

Looking Forward to smashing open those fortune cookies!

Rob :)
Its no fun when People whos first Language is not English missunderstood it -.- or didnt understand who its meaning -.-
How many times have I been chosen is it 9?

I would like to point out I am more of a lady than Greylady so should have gone first ;)
I wanna choose my own team mates lol. Can we conspire and agree to post at the same time in order to try to be put together when it opens?

I also want to be in team 2, 7, 13 or 17.... loving the names Lol
Entries CLOSE for The Daily Slot Challenge in just over an hour!

Massive thanks to everyone who has taken part.
The final results video today will be a monster session at both Trada and Videoslots.

Fortune cookie prize winners and end of month bonus spins winners will also be announced.

Thanks and have a great one,

Rob :)
Thank you for this months comps Rob,Trada and Videoslots. Its been very enjoyable despite me not achieving a single reward. That Jack is a little shite! I will have to opt for him again at both because he owes me :)
Will confirm everyone's entries and bits and bobs in a short while :)

Next month someone will win one of the top prizes and even if it takes 3 months,
someone will win it :D

Any suggestions for slots to get bonuses on to kick off next months game would be great :)

I was thinking of starting with Raging Rhino, as I really like that slot and it can bonus nicely.

Rob :)

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