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Can anyone recommend in favor of or against William Hill? I don't see it listed here as recommended or rogue, or at OPL either. ??


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I've been playing at William Hill for awhile. I've got no major complaints. The casino runs pretty much like InterCasino. The monthly bonus wager req. are a little high, usually 15x ($40 dep. + $40 bonus = $1200 wager. req.). I'm not a heavy duty player, so my experiences are limited.


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Thanks, jdtimi. I've been doing a little database with my own preferences, do da, and like William Hill, but wanted another opinion. Same with Jackpot City. I can't find it on Bryan's lists, or the OPA.


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I played Jackpot City enough to cash out my sign-up bonus. I try to find casinos with good on-going (monthly) promotions or tournaments. William Hill has a monthly bonus program, Jackpot City didn't. Plus, when you sign up for Jackpot City, they bombard you with junk email (spam) about non-related activities. I believe JC is part of a group of about 5 casinos that all behave the same. I'm sure the others are listed on their web site.

BTW, I'd love to see your preference list :^) I'm always looking for new casinos.


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I hope this helps. This information came from a Web Site that promotes casinos and list promotions. You can go to their website (www.Casino Prophet.com/ and check out other casinos.)

I just receive an email from a promotion from Casino Phophet contest@casinoprophet.com (Casino Prophet Players). The casinos belong to the Gaming Club Group of Casinos. They are advertising 325.00 bonuses and over 240 games. The name of the casinos are The Gamiing Club; Home Casino;Showdown Casino; and Jackpot City.

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I didn't mean for my post to be misleading, but it sure was. I meant my preferences for demo play. I'm...is there an expression that means newbie newbie? I've never played with real money. Still studying with charts taped by the monitor and so on. I've played demo on Cook's, Colliseum, Hill, Kiwi, Casino-on-Net, Fortune Room, Jackpot City, and Pharoh's. Still reading about betting methods, pattern analysis, and money mgmt, so on. You're sure welcome to my database ( 133 casinos from 1cnpcasino to zodiac) but it's a MSWorks file. I don't know how to post it on here. Thanks for your help. I should probably wait to be active on the forum until I have something to contribute :)


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Thanks, babysister, for those links and advice. I did play demo at Jackpot City for awhile, but I got bumped off when I went to the bank too many times after going bust. :) Since I'm just getting my feet wet, I think I'll stick with the casinos on Bryan's list for now. In fact, I just wired a few bucks to Captain Cook's. The folks there are really decent.


william hill to me , is a nice place to play, i have been playing there for a while, right now i am up over 1000 bucks, when i cash out, most of the time it will be there the next day. the black jack is fair and the baccart , and u can play with someone at the black table , almost any time.
They are back by a good name, give them a try.
Good luck


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Just in case you didn't know and it might help. William Hill is one of the big four high street bookmakers here in the UK. Ladbrokes (recommended by admin) being their biggest competitor. The bookies here have a pretty good reputation (as far as you can being a bookie !) and are pretty well regulated. I find it unlikely that they would run any sort of scam. They have way to much to loose.



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Will Hill is a good one, same software as Intercasion, Sands of the Caribbean, Peach Casino, and a few others. They seem to have the cheapest monthly bonus, only $40/40pounds per month match. Intercasino does $80/month typically (sometimes they increase or decrease this) and wagering requirements are reasonable. My favorite game in this software is Let it Ride. I've hit at least 3 4 of a kind, and one straight flush on it over the years I've played it at intercasino, etc. The straight flush just happened last month at Peach Casino, that was sweet! Wish I'd bet the bonus buck before the hand though :-(

Stay away from RTG software based casinos, they have become nothing but problems lately and definately not a place for a newbie to cut his teeth. Stick to Microgaming, Playtech, and Cryptologic based casinos until you have more experience.

Also, be SURE you read every single word of the terms and conditions posted on the website and in any email offers you receive. Double check these terms with the casino BEFORE you play one cent of real money so that you completely understand what is required of you. If you don't like or understand the terms, tell them to take back the bonus money before you play even a single hand/game. Once you start playing with bonus money, you are committed to those terms & conditions and for the most part you can't cashout until you meet those terms.

Also, get yourself a little notebook and keep a record of your deposits, play & withdrawls, especially when there are bonuses involved. When you ask a casino for clarification on something, I suggest you do so by email rather than phone so you have it in writing if there's a dispute. Print out and/or copy the terms & conditions page to your hard drive if you accept a bonus.

Neteller is a good payment method. Its fast & reliable for both depositing & withdrawing money. I personally don't like Firepay and don't recommend it. When you go to withdraw money from a casino, they will usually ask for some identification (usually a license/passport and a utility bill, etc). You should scan in these items and have them on your hard drive so you can send them in as soon as they are requested. That will speed up yor payouts. Make sure you always use accurate information (birthdate, address, etc) when you sign up, or you'll have problems when you cashout.

Also, I'd suggest setting up an email address specifically for your casino & neteller activities. That way, when the spam starts coming (and it will), it won't be coming to your regular email address. And keep an eye on message boards like this one and others so you know which casinos to avoid.

Hope these suggestions help you with your new hobby, and GOOD LUCK!