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Aug 3, 2009
What a shonky and vile site this is, in regards to withdrawals.

I like to try many sites. Not that I expect to find anything different (heaven forbid if true randomness can be found), but just to have a look at the tourneys on offer, graphics etc.

Well I tried this site and won a little money. After a while, I decided I didn't like it anymore and proceeded to withdraw my balance. And that's when the BS began.

Clearly you could see my surprise when they wanted a whole range of personal information before I could withdraw. Whilst it was a hassel, I was prepared to send them what they wanted. But, it became a saga. I would send them all the deatails (j.pegs, utility bills, etc) only for them to tell me that one did not arrive. So i sent them again, only to tell me that they wanted more information. So I sent this info, only for them to tell me that they had not received it. Not believing them, I sent the information to friends in Holland and America at the same time I sent them to William Hill. Whilst my friends confirmed they received the information, William Hill denied having received them. After many emails, they finally admitted to having the information and apologized. But it doesn't stop there. Now I have to wait 21 business days to receive a cheque. When the cheque arrives it is in Euros. I live in Australia, and my bank will not accept Euros. They say that they would have to send it back to William Hill and ask them to convert it and send it back in Australian Dollars. So I contact William Hill about this and they say that they can cancel the cheque and send it via a local bank transfer (why they didn't offer this option in the fiorst place is another matter). However, it is going to take another 21 business days to cancel. Then it will take another 5 business days to transfer the money. Are they kidding me??? Banks transfer Millions of dollars everyday electronically, and this comapany says it takes 21 days plus 5. In Australia, it takes no more than 3 working days to cancel a cheque or release funds via a cheque. Anyway, now it becomes interesting. So I wait after giving approval to cancel the cheque (on the 9th July), but no contact is made from them. So I send them an email letting them know that the 21 business days are up on the 5th August. But surprise, surprise, they tell me that they have no information at this stage . They will not confirm the due dates or anything (I have many emails from them agreeing to all this). All I get from them is that the payments department is responsible and they have no more information to tell me. So I send them another email telling them that I have run out of patience and understanding, and will put a thread on Casinomeister. And guess what???? Yes, I receive an almost immediate email telling me that the cheque had been cancelled. Just shows you the hypocricy of these sites.

But wait there is more! I now receive an email asking me what do I want to do with the funds that are being put back into my account, when I have countless emails from them confirming my desire to have the money sent into my bank via local bank transfer - they even have my bank details !!!

Can you believe it????? This site is so unprofessional - almost to the point of being mischievious, calculating and cunning. So over 35 emails later and more than a month of back-and-forth. I still don't know when my money will be in my bank account.

Has anyone else had problems like this on this site or any other site????

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