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May 30, 2004
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In your experience, how long is the wait time for William Hill payouts to Neteller?

According the casino, it's supposed to be "instant". However, my withdrawal 24 hours ago has not posted to Neteller yet. I DID do an Instacash withdrawal - could it be that William Hill is waiting for it to clear from Neteller?

Any thoughts or previous experiences?
W. H. Problem

Dickens: Here are some posts I made a few days back here and another forum. This may or may not be relevant to your problem

June 10: Can someone help me with contacting this casino? I have tried numerous times the toll free number on their website and I keep getting a message that the call cannot go through. Apparently the toll free doesn't work from the U.S. In addition, when I try to contact them via email it states something like I need a help password and to call their support to get that reset.

June 14: WARNING TO ALL WILLIAM HILL PLAYERS, PARTICULARLY THOSE IN THE U.S. : I posted something about this a couple of days ago but here are more details. I made a deposit three days ago via Neteller. However the casino/sportsbook shows I have a zero balance. Neteller shows the transaction. I can provide a screen shot as well as the Neteller transaction number. I have attempted to contact their Support by phone, email, live chat and all DO NOT work. The only option available to me at present is to try and contact them via snail mail. This is truly a shame seeing this casino seems to be most reputable and has one of the fastest payouts in the business. HOWEVER, until they get their act together on support I would encourage you not to play here. If you do and have problems you are "up the creek without a paddle".!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 22: Update to my previous posts: I finally received credit for my deposit at W.H. However, it took eleven days to resolve. Neteller sent an inquiry to William Hill yesterday and it was solved very quickly. However, I received no explanation from Neteller or William Hill as to what the problem was. Even though I have enjoyed my experiences with William Hill up to now, I will NOT play there again. I cannot trust them with my deposits. If you are in the U.S. and have a casino problem at W.H., support people are inaccessible by email, phone or live chat. You will have to go through a third party to get help.
My last payout this month took 2 business days from Will Hill back to neteller.
Going through the same thing right now, kind of reminds me of some kind of UK mob running the joint...no way of getting ahold of them. Hope it comes through though. Put in 80 won 1800 in a couple hours. Hope they give me a damn email and let me know whats up.

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