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Oct 9, 2005
Greetings, I've lurked the forums for some time and wondered what your take was on this email i just received:

Our Millionaires' Club Jackpot has once again reached a world record level... over 1,114,600!

One spin, from as little as 10p, could net you the whole amount in a single tax-free lump sum... the highest jackpot ever paid out by any online casino, anywhere in the world.

See Old / Expired Link for more details!

William Hill has been a great casino to me in the past so i was thinking about throwing a few hundred pounds at it - you guys got any experience with this particular "Millionaire's Club" slot or how to play the bonus best? Thanks :)
Ah yeah, theres no "winnings tax" here for us here in the UK, kinda nice i guess. :)

I just had a few rounds, hit a few bonuses and got to the final reel on the bonus spin, i'm not sure what the best way to play it is, but its pretty addictive... i'm going to go to bed to stop myself playing more!
there should be no winnings tax... govts that tax gambling winnings and inheritance are just greedy.

hide it in the fuel and booze prices so the avergage Joe will never know about it. ;)
In the US, you must pay taxes on your internet gambling winnings. But if you hit a jackpot and the casino won't pay and you go to the government for help, Bush will throw you in jail for 133 years because internet gambling is illegal. So they are more than happy to take a part of you winnings, but won't help you if you get ripped off, thanks a lot Bush, you idiot.

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