William Hill, lies or corruption?


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This an update to the William Hill jackpot winner thread which can be read here.


The UK gambling commission have washed their hands of this because the Casino at which the Jackpot was won is licensed in Gibraltar.
I could contact Gibraltar but why bother it would be more of the same.
That old British saying, when you want to cover something up or ignore it, comes to mind.
"Sweep under the carpet."

The UKGC could have got involved in this issue as William Hill are licensed with them and this issue goes beyond the individual Casino the Jackpot was won at. (sweep, sweep)

I contacted the Daily Star as king for more information and/or the source of their story and repeated this request a Week or so later after no reply.
This time I got a response and they agreed it was interesting and they would elevate the matter to the editor.
Two Weeks later and nothing more. (sweep, sweep)

I contacted William Hill and after their initial statement they too said they would take it to higher level but now Weeks later, silence. (sweep, sweep)

I checked facebook to see if I could find the individual who won this Jackpot since that was part of the story but to no avail.
Does this guy even exist?

Whether he does or not this whole thing stinks and looks more and more like a publicity stunt cooked up between the Daily Star and William Hill.

I will change my mind if this person who won the Jackpot can be located and confirm the story and a full explanation is given by William Hill as to why they chose to deliberately break their own T&C's in this individual case.

If William Hill, an established well regulated high street bookmaker, can act in this arbitrary fashion then you begin to realise just how little regulation actually exists out there and what your chances of a fair game really are.

This scandal will just disappear like all the others of course that appear here almost on a monthly basis.
"Be careful out there"


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You are up against some "big people" who do NOT want this to blow up in their faces. Since the player was paid, there is no case.

Rather than pursue the Daily Star, which might be trying to cover it up, approach one of their competitors, who might relish the opportunity to take a swipe at the Star, and make a story out of this.

You will also run into the old chestnut of "privacy laws", a great way to keep things like this covered up. The player concerned is hardly likely to complain they got paid when they shouldn't have.

To outwit "privacy laws", any complaint has to come from the person involved. Anybody who was NOT paid due to breaching the same term can complain to Gibraltar, quoting the precedent of the well publicised case of someone getting paid under the same conditions. THIS person could approach a competitor paper, and may well get further, since the story would involve the possibility that the Star and Will Hill did indeed concoct the affair as a publicity stunt.

William Hill are NOT "clean" by a long way, they have concocted corporate arrangements that facilitate them "getting away with" quite a few things that many ordinary players feel is not right.

1) They bought the assets, but SHED the liabilities of the Cpays casinos - pretty dodgy dealings if you ask me, and patently unfair to debtors of the Cpays operation, denied a proper liquidation and accounting for the monies.

2) They use the William Hill brand as a lure, but the ONLINE operation is NOT William Hill as WE understand it, but a separate corporate entity split off, merged with Cpays with a bit of Playtech thrown in, and licensed offshore. I bet most people seeing advertising here in the UK think they are playing with a UK regulated William Hill online operation, because of the high street betting shops.

3) They have promised to "clean up" their act, but many complaints are arising from the NEW entity, and it seems nothing much has changed.

I have not gone near my William Hill casino account since the day they ditched Cryptologic due to my general concerns about Playtech casinos, and their seeming lack of accountability to anyone, and nothing has convinced me that the new entity is anywhere near as "safe" as a venue for me as a player.
Seeing William Hill here as Accredited is the only thing that will convince me they have got rid of the ghost of Cpays from their operation, and are probably OK to play at again.

I am not sure either about the sportsbook side, since money was transferred back and forth under the old model, implying the same people are running the sportsbook as are running the casino, and it is NOT the same as the people running the William Hill high street chain.


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I checked facebook to see if I could find the individual who won this Jackpot since that was part of the story but to no avail.
Does this guy even exist?
I wouldn't want to invade the guy's privacy; but it is possible to find the address and phone number of somebody with the same name in the same (small) town. (using a combination of bt.com and 192.com)

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