William Hill is a fair casino to its players. Is this par for the course?


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Aug 17, 2011
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Hi everyone - first post. I found this site because I was looking for support with a potential issue I had at William Hill online. Long story short, it took a few calls and chats, but the problem was fully fixed in about 3 working hours. For those interested in the exact issue, I've posted it below, but I thought I would mention that I've found WH to be a very fair casino in the past (and now continue to think so). For example, you will get a warning if you try to hit on 19 or 20 in BJ (always a misclick), all bets need to be confirmed, and in one case, my browser crashed mid-round (again black jack). When I logged back in, it had saved the game and let me play it out as it stood when I crashed (using a virtual table of course).

In any case - interested to hear how this compares with other major online casinos.

Aforementioned issue:
- Accidentally processed a transfer (combination user error / website error) of casino winnings that were still subject to a bonus-related minimum wagering requirement, erasing large winnings.
- It required escalation to the "finance department" (which meant it would take a business day to fix)
- Ultimately it was fixed in the morning of the next business day
- Support called me back directly to inform me that it had been remedied.

Again - chat and telephone support around midnight (when it happened) was generally responsive, though not fully empowered. Overall, problem solved in reasonably short and effective order. Good on WH.


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Apr 2, 2007
Hello and welcome to the forum, rrmjr13.

I hope you are not going to spam Casinomeister forum, promoting WH ;)


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Aug 25, 2004
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In any case - interested to hear how this compares with other major online casinos.
The majority of major AND minor online casinos are fair & safe to play at IMHO.
Some will be quicker than Will Hill to sort problems and some will be slower - you just never know.

However, there are a number of Rogue casinos on the net, as I have no doubt you are already aware, so please only stick to recommended casinos from sites you trust, such as CasinoMeister's accredited list, and always look to see if any not on there are also NOT on the Rogue list.

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Jun 30, 1998
Welcome to the forum, rrmjr13.

WH has had its issues in the past. But now they have an active rep here in the forum, and we are on pretty good terms.