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Aug 17, 2018
UK South west
William hill do have some decent promos they get over looked alot for example there was a platoonz promo where £25k was givin away for best score withtin 25 spins had £5 left so I had a go and got 26 points which is very bad but cause hardly anyone plays I won £10 cash as I came in top 1000

And theres now Buy in in with 20 get £40 and you can but the first £20 you buy in you can withdraw anytime you want if you win and cancel the bonus, plus it only has x10 wagering only on the £20 bonus.

Theres always 5 free spins on some slot and daily offers on every section.

I sound like there Promotion team ;)

But it is decent place for promos :D

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Nov 16, 2018
A decent site IMO - i have played there for about 15 years as I play Poker through them.

The current offer on the Vegas part of their site is even better - £20 plus £20 - but only 5x wagering. Limited to their daily drop games - but there are a fair few of those.


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Aug 20, 2013
Those bonuses must be country specific, sadly. I'm not banned from their promotions and regularly get free spins and deposit bonuses but can't see either of these two you mention. Could you PM me with the direct link to the promotion page of those bonuses and I'll try if I could claim them that way?

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