Casino Complaint William Hill cannot process withdrawal with clickandbuy or do not want to pay ?


Dormant account
May 7, 2011
Hi all,

I made a withdrawal with William Hill of $500 some days ago to my clickandbuy account. After some days waiting to verify my account and contact them via live chat to know about my withdrawal...

They have reversed the amount to my william hill account. I contact them again and speak to a supervisor, they told me the withdrawal has been rejected by clickandbuy and I need to contact Clickandbuy. I have contacted clickandbuy and they say that they have not rejected any transaction and not received anything from them.

So, I made a second withdrawal with clickandbuy and it has been rejected as well and reversed to my william account again. I contacted william hill again and they told me the same bullshit that it is clickandbuy who rejected the transaction and their decision is final !!

I am already FED UP with them ! They make me crazy ! William Hill sucks and I wont deposit again there !


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Mar 13, 2008
It is possible that it is being interrupted somehow prior to reaching Clickandbuy, or being sent to an incorrect account. Instead of acct 1234 for Joe Blow, it's acct 1233, owned by Mary Smith, so no matter how many time Joe Blow asks, clickandbuy won't see it on his account.

I'd ask for an alternate payment method.

Was your original deposit by Clickandbuy?

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