Will Starluck pay me this time?????


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Aug 4, 2005
I have been a member of Starluck for years and lately was able to hit a couple jackpots, one for $900 which they paid me in 2 hours. Now on the sixth I hit another one for $2400 and it is still sitting in pending and when I called they said it would be the 12th of Sept. before it is processed.

Never have I had this happen. Now I am afraid they really aren't going to pay me. My casino name was on the scrolling marquee as a winner for a couple days and now it's not there anymore, when others that hit before me are still up there. Does this sound like I am not going to see my money????
They won't answer my emails and live help is useless. I told them I can't deposit until that is taken out of pending and I WILL NOT REVERSE it. What do you all think I should do. :confused: besides wait till the 12th to see if they do pay me, 6 days later.

NEVERMIND---I just have been reading about others that have had to wait quite a while for their money. I will be patient till then
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rudepete said:
I told them I can't deposit until that is taken out of pending and I WILL NOT REVERSE it. What do you all think I should do.

I'm confused, too... What do you mean by can't deposit until that is taken out of pending? I had to wait a couple days for a cashout to hit my FP account, they require minimum 7 days between deposits to your account... Could that be why you have to wait for the 12th?

When you have a withdrawal in pending you can't deposit any money because of it. THey want you to reverse some of the money in pending, I don't want to do that, I just want them to pay me like they have always done and all of a sudden this time they are holding on to it, Even though the email from ezcash said it would be reviewed for 24-48 hours then would come out of pending, but they haven't.
Thanks for at least answering me back.
By the way I am not rude, I worked for a company called Rude trucking.Thus the name. :(
Playtechs have the same crappy rule, no deposits while you are waiting their rediculous 2-4 day reverse withdrawl time, what a scam, that is why I have dropped Playtechs. :confused:
It sounds like you've heard this already now, but I'll second it.

They pay fast normally, but if you hit a big jackpot.. or just win a lot.. they send it to the "audit department". That increases the cashout time from almost instant to about a week.

I think their support is sometimes unhelpful and incompetent (like their poker support), but I wouldn't worry about them keeping my money.
thank you all for your answers

Thank you all , you have relieved my mind a little. Much luck to all.

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Well Starluck came through as promised. But it took 6 days, and if they would have told me they needed updated verification forms and id , it wouldn't have taken so long.
2 nights before they paid it out to me, a representative called me and asked me verifying questions and said it would be processed but I still had to resend forms, but that's okay , they paid me and while waiting for that one, I hit another $700 and when I cashed that out it was instant or darn close to it.
So all is well, Thank everyone for their help. :lolup:
Starluck is one of the best

Starluck is one of the best. :thumbsup:
You can always trust them they do pay out if they have too
Cheers for Starluck like always they do come through :thumbsup:
Congrats Rudepete keep winning
I would not promote them if they were bad to it's customers.
Good Luck to all that play in Starluck or Planetluck Casino.and someday we will see your name as one of the top Winners of the month.

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