Will Microgaming ever come up with

The Viking

Ueber Meister
games similar to thos again :) was just browsing through some of my old screenshots here
and i sure had a bunch from Dark Knight and Lord of the rings :)
not only were the graphic great they were fun with great potental .


Swingin' like Darryl Strawberry
I did occasionally play the Batman one at 30p here and there, it was a fun 243er :thumbsup:

I remember one time I triggered the wheel, it stopped about 1mm away from the millions jackpot :laugh:

I never played LOTR though, it must have got pulled just before I started slotting......

MG have had some good licences recently, T2 was ok, Jurassic Park 1 is good from what I hear, and GoT is a missed opportunity.

I do think they have the potential to make another great game, but perhaps the age of the '243s' is over now....