Beware Will I Get My Winnings?

If you look at the transaction, there might be a company name or something? That's where google can be your friend - people might be posting somewhere trying to figure out the same thing.

There is a rogue casino group out there somewhere that uses the name "casinomeister" as their payment processor just so I get people contacting me demanding their money back - and yeah, I get those emails! :p
Yeah I’ve just gone through my statements and picked out the ones which are related to this scam site. Put a TSB fraud dispute form in so hopefully I can get some money back but I’m doubtful.
Casinomeister hosts the official Rogue Casino site - coining the phrase in the year 2000
Well please please let us know how this goes. There are others that have the same issue, I am sure.
@jamcoz, if you're still able to get into your casino accout, maybe it's also worth checking the previous deposit transactions listed in your casino profile page, and compare the date/amounts with what is on your bank statement. Maybe :)

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