Will Hill - No US players


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Oct 3, 2005
Same as Littlewoods. Poker and casino account locked without warning.

I was going to withdraw just in case this happened given the poor conversion rate Littlewoods is giving and the long delay in receiving my check. Oh well.
Well I got an email from them today.. Its a damn shame.. I liked playing there did there monthly poker and casino bonus... I just wonder who is next to ban US players.. Land of the free , heh.... I think not!

I know , it has me worried.

If they all stop taking US players its back to land based. Out here
You have to wait a half hour just to get on a machine, and stand in line.
Plus its too smokey.

I hope this ends soon!

what can i say, you should've defected to canada during the revolutionary war! p.s. did you fart, terrence?
E-mail from Will Hill to their affiliates:

All US registered clients are being informed of these changes and will be advised how to withdraw any existing balances they may have on their account.

However should any of your registered players contact you concerning the withdrawal of an existing account balance please advise them they can access their accounts via the following URL: "http://www.willhill.com"

They will then need to login, and by selecting 'My Account', they will be able to choose 'Make a Withdrawal'
This is bumming me out because I exclusively gamble at CWC (Casino Webcam) and its affiliates--looks like all of them are following suit with banning US players. I guess it's land-based casinos for now...

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