Will be pitching a bitch tomorrow.


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Apr 10, 2005
All i can say is wow to action online casino, their support team has reached a new level of incompitance.

I called them again after 12 days since my withdraw request. Called daily since the 15th everyday i get a different story. on the 15th its 2 business days from the 13th. Call on 16th it should be in your account by the 17th because it takes 4 days to clear moneybookers....

Today the 18th i call, the lady tells me that, after the 4 business day pending period, there is another 4 business day for money to show up in my moneybookers. Im thinking wtf are you talking about? Moneybookers shows up instantly, and i get a email informing me of this. (Not like neteller that might take a day to show up).

So then i tell her wouldnt today be the 8th business day so i should get paid by end of business day today?

No because it seems i didnt send in my ids till the 12th so i would have to wait. Then after this i was arguing with her for about 20 mins, stating i sent in my ids on the 8th and even called to confirm. Just to let you guys know if i hadnt sent in my ids on the 8th, my withdrawal wouldnt have gone into "processing mode" because it takes 4 business days to go from pending to that.

Then she "found" this info. But got another problem. She stated on the 12th i didnt send in a phono id (The support person i talked to on the 12th was stupid enough to not check his records either, i had to explain to him i sent it on the 8th, but guess was stupid enough to put in notes, didnt get photo id :eek2: )Then i stated to her, i sent it along on the 8th. She went all quiet, please hold.

F%#@ing 20 minutes later she comes back telling me to hold again. :thumbsup: Great Job!

Another 7 mins later she comes back, oh sorry sir we have made a mistake you should have had your money on the 15th, and i should have my money, you guessed it by tomorrow.

Now, still 3 problems.

1. My RAF isnt credited even though i sent off a email about 4-5 days ago, still no response.
2. My withdrawal still not in my account.
3. I have wasted a $50 phone card on them, can i get them to comp me for that?
Oh and just for laughs, they were stupid enough to type my password wrong so many times into their own software (to look at my account) that they got my account locked. :lolup:

:( I feel sorry for referring my friend now. I told him to put in 30 pounds to get 30 pounds, he loves slots. That day neteller went down for some reson and he actually deposited 150 pounds, 5 lots of 30 pounds. He got 125 pounds comming out with 60 pounds that cant (hasnt passed wagering requirements).

They sneakly gave him 1.5 pounds for ever 30 pounds i think. As it was his first time he didnt know what to do so i told him to contact support before he played anything. (He actually emailed support same day and called them to reverse the 4 extra deposits but they didnt let him :()
We have received your query regarding your missing bank draft.

In cases like this our Finance Department must perform a check with our correspondent banks to verify whether the draft has been cashed or not. If the investigation shows that the draft has not been cashed, you will be contacted regarding to how you would like to have your funds resent. Please note that the originally sent bank draft will be cancelled and this process will take an average of 7 to 12 days; the original draft must be cancelled before we can re-issue the payment. Once the draft has been cancelled you will be contacted to discuss how you wish to receive the reissued payment. Your options include a bank draft (sent by regular mail), bank draft express (sent by DHL with a $35 fee) or transferred to a alternative payment method account (Neteller, Moneybookers, etc); you must have made a deposit with this option in order to receive a withdrawal. If the transaction amount is at least $500.00 you also have the option of receiving your funds via Wire Transfer.

Please bear in mind that these types of investigations may take some time and we will do our best to update you and keep you abreast of developments. In the meantime please inform us if you receive the payment.

Its just been 24 hours and still no money. I recieved this email today. WTF ARE THEY ON. I didnt ask for a bank draft. This is a F@%$ing automated message.
Wasted another $20 phone card, $70 total now.

I ask the support person to get their F^#%ing finance manager to give me a call back. If he doesnt in 30 and she was hinting he wont, i will need to call back.

Not they tell me there is a problem with moneybookers and i might need to change payment options. WHY THE HECK DIDNT THEY TELL ME THAT 14 days ago!

Im going to ask for my $70 back ontop of withdrawals or i will be posting on every casino forum i see, this is pissing me off. One down 3643726463268 to go LOL :lolup:
oh yeah forgot to add they keep telling me moneybookers take 2 business days to show up. After that deadline moneybookers take 4 days, after that they told me 5 days, now today there is a problem with moneybookers.

Also i ask them about that reply email from finance department. Support person said she had no idea what that was for...lazy ass mofo finance team.

Update on the RAF, still no word from management going on 5/6 days.... :eek:
Have you tried contacting moneybookers to get written confirmation that there's nothing wrong with them; or get them to confirm a problem? Would be quite damning evidence to take to the casino ;)
They said it was moneybookers problem.

No call from finance manager, i call them back for the past 40 mins. F#%$ers told me that finance team has no phone after 40 mins and another $20 down.

Thats 171 pounds, and wasted $70 in phone fees.

what a waste of time.
got told to wait 3 days. But as i checked my email i got the spend confirm to my moneybookers. (dont know if its in account yet)

They were right for once moneybookers is down atm, but was fine the last 2 weeks.

Ironic, when i finally get payment im made to wait lol


Any chance i can get back $70 from them lol?
Hi zman,

All you are doing is venting - which may be therapeutic to you, but in actuality -you ain't gettin' nowhere with it. The casino is aware of this thread, but without any player info, they cannot assist you.

If you fill out a PAB I'll be happy to forward it to them.

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