Wildz - No Selfexclusion + Able to deposit


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May 20, 2020

On 20.04.2020 i went to the Wildz - Livechat to say that i want to request a permanent account closure because of gambling Problems.
The Chat had a waiting time of over 30+ Users, so i decided to just leave the message there. Shortly after. where i got a automated response that they received my Request i answered on this automated message so i made sure they rly got my request.

They did absolute nothing about it.

I did deposit a few times on 27.04 + 30.04.

On 08.05 (More than TWO WEEKS later) i got the message that my account is closed now (after i lost my money, ofc.)

Im pretty sure this is not going well with the MGA responsibly gambling rules.

Is there any chance to get my lost money back? Is there any chance to make anything to safe other gamblers that have Problems and are in a same Situation at Wildz? - Cause it seems like they dont care about responsibly gambling at Wildz.

Thanks for the help!

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