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Feb 22, 2013
United Kingdom
I've been busy working on my website for a couple of months now in between normal work :mad:, and relearning a lot of things techy wise as i used top run a gaming website about 10 years ago, and a lot has changed since then...

ive set up
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with the intention of promoting casinos that i have personally played at, basically im looking for opinions and thoughts from the experienced guys about what i need to add, i.e are there esential links i need to add, disclaimers etc, basically i want it to be right for the user, and also any tips for a new person finding their feet in this area.

all your opinions and criticism are all welcome :thumbsup:


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Nov 12, 2014
United Kingdom
hey...first off I really like the design and logo...not a massive fan of that shade of red but its bright and punch so I think thats just a personal preference :)

my only comments would be regarding the navigation, you've got alot of "reel" estate left to fill and maybe it would be wise to include some additional seo optimized navigation links in, it will also help users find your content easier. Regarding disclaimers etc, I link out to Gamcare and put an over 18s only logo in...aside from that I'm just making sure I work with reputable casinos, which is not always easy but Casinomeister helps with that :)

If you're interested in adding a bonus calculator widget to your site let me know as I just released one if you want to use it