Wild On Casino Changed Its Terms And Conditions!


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Dec 23, 2004
Costa Rica
Referring Pumas post a new beginning at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) (ezboard forum), Wild On Casino made a promise of changing its Terms and Conditions. We wanted them to be more fair and appealing to customers while keeping (the company) some protection from abusers and people who cheat the casinos.

In one of the better threads, if not the best I have ever read, Puma made a valid point; nowadays casinos seem to be more towards their companies and not emphasizing their efforts to retain their valuable customers.

I personally made a commitment and said that I wanted to help in other ways to improve online casino gambling.

Well, after adding suggestions made at the new beginning thread and several meetings with upper management, we came to an agreement and I think a good combination between the management perspective and customers one came through!

Consequently, these are some of the changes we have made in order to bring what our theme is all about and what we think online casino gambling should be, FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT

Play-through its been decreased by 3 points: Where the majority of Online Casinos have their PT from 18 and 25 times, Wild On Casino is now 17 times play-through bonus + deposits.
No paper work is needed when you claim a payout made from a deposit via e-cash methods (Neteller, WU, pre-paid ATM, etc)
Drastically decreased the list of excluded games
No max cash out amounts unless stipulated different
No small print text. Everything is easy to read with no strings attached!
Among others

Also, we have included more features, among them we have:

Good bye non-cashable Free FunChip, Welcome cashable Free FunChips ($10, $20, $30, $40, $50)
Tournament chips remains the same
Weekly Manager Credits: Every week, like clockwork, your account will be reviewed and issued a discretionary Manager Credit (Free FunChip) based on both your deposits and play.
15% extra bonus when deposits are made via e-cash methods
VIP program
Refer a Friend program
Among others

I know these changes are not going to make a revolution or something like that, but at least its a little change and a little improvement from our behalf in favor of the customers!

Some of you will see the changes and will say no big deal, but believe me, having the upper management coming to an agreement, is a BIG STEP for us!

Please feel free to check our new Terms and Conditions page at:
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) and the new promotions page at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Thank you all for your support

See you at the tables!!!!

Ariel Espinoza
Marketing Director
Wild On Casino
The Endless Party

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