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Wild Jacks Casino, like many others, is a fine place to wager--as long as you lose. After losing many thousands of dollars, I won a measley $80 and decided to cash out. Despite my requesting that the cash-in amount be deposited to my Paypal account (which I had used almost exclusively for making deposits to my casino account) the casino sent the funds, through ProCyber Services, to a closed Firepay account. Firepay rejected the deposit and the funds were sent back to the Casino, which put them back in my casino account. Of course, a month went by from the time I cashed-in until the funds were put back in my casino account. I cashed in the $80 again, this time sending the information and the request that I be sent a check to my home address (USA). I received a reply saying my cash-in had been processed and that it would take 21 working days until I received the check. I waited 23 working days and emailed Wild Jacks Casino to inquire where was the check for my cash-in, I had not received it yet. I get a response back that says I have no pending cash-ins. I responded to that email with a copy of the email saying the cash-in was processed and it would take 21 working days. At that point, the Casino stops responding to my emails. It is extremely sad when a casino needs to steal a lousy $80 from a long-time customer.
This type of complaint is happening far too often.

Suzecat, It's not the casino's fault. It's Proccybers fault. The casino does NOT do the processing. That is what Proccyber is for.
(try not to choke from laughing)

More than likely, the reason you got no response from Wild Jacks, is that since they don't do the processing, they have no clue to the reason for this "problem".

While the courtesy of at least a response would be expected, many online players have learned from experience, that this is far too much to expect from the poorly trained "customer service reps" that these casinos employ.

Ignoring players is the common solution to any problem. Passing the buck would also be an appropriate way the casinos choose to explain things, if and when they decide to respond to you.

Nothing is ever "their fault". It's always "The Player" who must have done something wrong.

Proccyber is the most inept, incompetent, and poorly operated processor there is.

Their ultimate goal is to "alienate" every player
who "dares" to try to cash out winnings from a casino.

This would have to be true, as how else can they explain the total confusion every time anyone tries to collect money that is rightfully theirs?

Proccyber BLOWS!!!
Hi Suzecat,

I'll be contacting the casino today (and Proc cyber) to get to the bottom of this. This sounds like a simple case of the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. Hang in there!

Hi all,

This just in from the casino:

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for contacting me on this. I've done a bit of investigation and here's what's happened.

As the player has stated, she cashed in $80 and this was processed on 9/02/2002 to her FirePay card (which had expired). Due to different banking legislations and restrictions that our e-cash provider has had to comply with, a refund to the PayPal account was not possible which resulted in the FirePay card being refunded. It seems that it was not picked that the FirePay card had expired, which means that the refund went through and when it was at FirePay's processing house, had no account to go into from that point.

This does cause an extensive delay as reconciliation of the funds has to be done, and finally I'm glad to say, it was resolved. Early this morning we made arrangements for the refunds which were in "limbo" to be sent by check to the player. This check was issued from Canada so it should arrive very soon.

We did not intentionally mean any inconvenience for the player as we wanted to get her money back to her as fast as possible and in doing so had this unfortunate problem. If you could convey our sincerest apologies on behalf of the casino, support staff and management to the player, I would be very grateful. We have already credited a bonus for all the trouble to her account this morning and notified her of this as well.

Kind Regards,

Wild Jack Casino Customer Service
***end of message

This resolution was done in record time I might add.

I wanted to amuse my fellow forumers so here is the follow up from ProCyberServices

------begin message-----
Dear Susan Leonian

We are pleased to let you know that your money has been paid to you. We used the payment option
you selected to do this:

Account number : wjr******
Amount paid : 80.00
Payment method : Check
Date paid : Oct 30 2002

The length of time you have to wait for your money depends on your chosen payment method:

1. Check by post:
This will take 21 days by normal post. A courier service will take 3-4 days, but
will cost you $35.00

2. ACH (Direct Bank Transfer)
This will take 3-5 working days to reach your account

If you have any queries, we've got operators waiting for your call - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also mail us at mailto:admin@proccyber.com.

Kind regards

E-Cash and Card Control Division
Proc-Cyber Services

Our TOLLFREE telephone numbers are:

USA: 1-888-326-2602
UK: 0-800-328-7748
Canada: 1-888-515-8518
Australia: 1-800-146-569

Our FAX numbers are:

USA: 1-888-826-2807
UK: 0-800-328-9974
Canada: 1-877-222-1322
Australia: 1-800-146-570

------end of message------

Despite the fact that the geniuses at ProCyber and Wild Jacks managed to "misplace" my $80 for two months (probably three months by the time I ever receive it)I was not offered overnight courier (fee waived) but have to wait ANOTHER 21 days before expecting my measly $80. So I reiterate, online gambling is ok so long as you lose. If you are so unfortunate as to win, it will be the hardest earned money you ever made.

Despite everything, kudos to the Meister for his getting to the bottom of this. They weren't listening to me; thank heavens they will listen to him.
Ok, so I want to be completely fair and disclose that Wild Jacks did credit my casino account with a $50 bonus. And I did receive the following email from them:


Hi there Susan,

Thank you for your email to the Wild Jack Casino.

Following on my previous email, we are pleased to inform you that we
have credited your casino account with a $50 bonus. Should you wish to
allow us a second chance to redeem your faith in us, all you need to do
is wager the bonus 10x, all winnings you will then be allowed to cashin.
Good luck and good gaming!

Should you require any further assistance, feel free to contact us. We
are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience.

Kind regards,

Casino Supervisor
I also want to point out that this casino replied back to me in about two hours with a detailed explanation, and a solution. I can compare this to others such as Prism Casino (RTG) where there is an ongoing complaint comcerning someone not receiving his cashout. I emailed them at about the same time and have yet to hear anything back.

Food for thought.


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