Wild Casino: Looking for advise!


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May 14, 2020
I am looking for advice on a casino ( not sure if I should post here or somewhere else!
I deposited at Wild Casino for $50.00 which was originally put into my account with a bonus. Played for a bit signed out. Went back on a few minutes later and my balance was zero. So I did a chat with a rep and he stated "yes it is added to your balance" so I went back in my account still 0. Spoke to a rep again they stated no there is no deposit. Wait for what? Went to my bank and it was an authorized transaction. Sent the chat from the first rep copy of my bank statement. When I get a call from another rep. Telling me that he doesn't see the deposit too but " let me take another deposit and I will give you a huge bonus." I was like nowhere is my original deposit he was still telling me to make another to play. Get back on chat (I prefer this to have copies of what's going on.) The rep said no it will fall off because it is a pending transaction, no it was authorized it was taken out of my account. They wouldn't hear it and proceeded to pretty much oh well too bad. I mean I had proof what else do they want? How do I fix this?


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Feb 24, 2018
Thats looking a tad dodgy, foodstores? hope someone can post a solution for you to try soon.


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Jan 19, 2019
When a credit card transaction is processed it actually happens in two parts

1 . Authorization ( this happens as you use it, message goes to card/bank and you get an Authorization - if you got $$; it goes through and will show as “pending” on your bank) - note this is only a hold on funds

2. Couple of days later the funds actually move and transaction will change from pending to posted if all goes correctly. This is the actual debit

- If merchant does not come for funds (3/5) days to collect the pending will expire and they have to start the process again

- Hope that helps