Wierdest terms ever


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Jul 18, 2005
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Shogun Casino will not be liable in the following scenarios:

in the event of force majeure
the failure of Shogun Casino 's central computer system or any part thereof
for delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system
for any loss as a result of any act of God :what:
for an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism
for the acts of Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent)
for fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, or industrial action of any kind

Is this place serious?
That was in the warranty terms of my old Ericsson cell phone as well.

I just found this:
Outdated URL (Invalid)

Act of God

Legal term meaning some sudden and irresistible act of nature that could not reasonably have been foreseen or prevented, such as floods or exceptionally high tides, storms, lightning, earthquakes, sharp frosts, or sudden death.

Damage by such an occurrence may be attributed to the act of God, and in the absence of any contract to the contrary, no person can be held liable for it. Nearly all insurance forms and shipping charter parties, and most contracts, have a clause relating to nonliability in the case of an act of God.
Is this place serious?

LOL - they're certainly pessimistic!

Some of these lawyer catch-alls have gone to the realms of madness.
It is actually pretty standard in many contracts. The last commercial lease I signed had the same terms. Maybe they are all pulling from the same free contract on the internet :)

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