Wierd Azz Weather


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Sep 18, 2004
So here it is, July, and this is the Mojave Desert, so you'd think it would be inbearably hot and dry, huh? Not even close.......well it's probably hot based on the rest of the world, but dry? Whoever heard of thunder and lightening in the summertime in the desert? Not to mention the humidity! Key West or Atlanta, okay, but the desert? Wierd.................:eek2:

Anyone noticed any bizarre weather where they are?


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Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
I lived in Phoenix for 12 years, when I first moved there I was laughing at the signs on the streets that said "Do not enter when flooded" It's a bloody desert, right? But it's hot and dry most of the summer - then in late summer and early fall was monsoon season and it absolutely poured. Sometimes rained for a week or two straight - and not just a gentle rainfall, but a real gusher - awe inspiring thunderstorms and wind. One day I went to work and right after lunch a monsoon storm hit, by the time I was ready to leave at 4, the parking lot was totally flooded, the water was over the bottom of my car door, it poured in when I opened the door. And it was a BIG parking lot. Huge. A lot of times you had to wait it out because all the streets were flooded so you couldn't see the lines on the road or even where the road stopped and the ditches started and windshield wipers were useless. You're always losing power because the wind knocks down powerpoles and throws stuff all over.

The funnest monsoon story I have is once we were at a friend's place for a BBQ, a storm hit so we all huddled under their patio roof and watched the lightning - the wind was blowing so hard that it picked up their neighbor's FILLED kiddie pool - one of those inflatible things - and flung it over an 8 foot fence where it landed in our friends pool!

Now I live in Alberta and all I've got to talk about is snow...! :D


Oct 9, 2006
Same here in Turkey Town. :confused:

Swede and I were out at a furniture store shopping for bedding a week ago and as we were leaving a freaking Monsoon came down that could only be descirbed as Biblical. We are in the high desert for goodness sakes. We grab some flyers they have near the inner door and cover our heads and head off.

The rain was up over our knees with the Forest Gump type splashing back up into our faces. As I was wading across the parking lot, arms reaching out searching for support, I came to realize that that I was alone. :eek2: My strapping, young Soccer player :rolleyes: had done an about turn and headed back for shelter. Where he stayed until I pulled up and rescued him in the Cruiser. :rolleyes:

I guess they don't get much rain in Sweden and it frightened him like a litle turtle. :p


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Jul 22, 2008
We had the longest winter ever here in oregon. Heck, the tomatoes in my garden are just now turning green. Can't remember the weather ever being like this.

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