Why would you recommend us - the casino asked!

Have you ever won big and later understand you are denies winnings due to T&C?

  • No, lucky me!

    Votes: 20 66.7%
  • Yes, screw that casino (group).

    Votes: 2 6.7%
  • Yes, but OK I should have understood the T&C

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  • Yes, those MF stole my money! Their protection is a creative rule to fuck people like me!

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Feb 21, 2006

Long time since I wrote anything in theese forums so I thought I should return and start posting here as I know I have crutial information for players to share if needed. Given a lifetime of gambling and a internets lifetime of online gambling I sure have some skill losing several millions. That being said losing less and less and big wins are more and more occuring. I probably should add some screenshots to the win section aswell for fun, have wuite a few and from a session I won 200.000 NOK which I managed to lose all I have tons of 20.000+ wins. They look good, but didnt really make any money in the end so just wanted to point that out.

I remember a time when we cracked the reels for MG slots, I can only say my og my have the understanding of the casino mechanics been overturned into another understanding of algorythms and mathematics but who cares to discuss this I guess is those that want that and probably open forums is not the place to expect any honest views either. But those that remember my previous posts should assume I was working the same track since then.

Well, enough of that... I got an email from a casino that wanted mu optinion on why I would recommend them. BitSrarz to be honest, so I promptly replied:

I assume the platforms (mg, netent etc) are packaged so every casino license is basically the same for any operator. I assume - and here I might be wrong - the operators operate fair and caters their customers so that winners get paid and verification process is not something being stalled to make people lose their winnings. That being said... :) bitstarz have a very nice frontend for the casino, I like it and it looks like its the best one in the bitcoin genre of casinos. I seen sister casinos using the same template as bitstars - but again - bitstarz do look the best. So therefore bitsraz is the casino I recommend - but do know when it comes to a win and cashout for me or my friends and it becomes a problem I have no problem NOT recommending either. I am a heavy player over the years and I just hate casinos confiscating money, witholding money or stalling process so that a gambler does what a gambler do - play the money. OK - :)

You have a great website - thats why I recommend you!

Salute to all players out there, and I hope I can take part in some good arguments that will make the casino business a better place for us. Ask me anything, and do share what casinos that make my above statments true so that theese can be avoided at all costs by me. I hate it when being stalled or money being confiscated due to breach of contract of some idiotic rules based on a bonus that some casinos have - obviously created just to fuck with players. I would very much love a heads up for such vendors as I rarely read theese T&Cs and have lost several good 10.000+ NOK wins because I was later informed usually by a never before seen prompt reply from support - The maximum payout is 500, or 1000 or 3000. Oh wait.. Whatabout winning 12.000 only to be informed like thunder - thats how fast iot was answered by mobil6000 - 100 NOK was the max. Me and a friend of mine was playing... How sad - had I only known I would never have played at all...

Oh, if I forget it, Merry Christmas!


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Mar 21, 2012
Interesting casino mechanics been overturned into another understanding of algorythms and mathematics

With the bent and fuked up rules as you put it, I agree, Even if you get over the hurdle of the bent rules, they still try and hold out payment due to, ID insufficient, Our payment processor is playing up, Yes sure it is but always perfect when depositing


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
I remember a time when we cracked the reels for MG slots...
Those were great days :cool:
I took weeks manually recording the reels and plotting them out, until you came alone with a MUCH easier method!

Super to see you come back kimss :thumbsup:


PS: I voted "No" - but it's not due to luck - it's due to reading the T&Cs before I start, so I've never had any unpleasant surprises...


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Oct 22, 2013
Sadly, I didn't fully understand everything you typed but I'm very curious about "how deep" you've gone towards understanding the various algorithms at play out there and how you've turned this into an advantage. I have done some private work on this myself that I might be willing to share / discuss offline.


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Jun 30, 1998
Welcome back, kimss! We've missed your input here - glad you're jumping back in with a poll. :thumbsup:


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Mar 13, 2008
Welcome back Kimss. I've picked "Yes, screw that group".

It's an accredited CM group I won't name, and the amount was $603 dollars, a bonus that was removed on cashout. It's a number of years ago, and I did receive the rest of my cashout. I did not PAB as I had not screenshotted the terms of the promotion, and the Oktoberfest promo was over by the time I returned from a holiday in Cuba first few days of Nov. I did receive the rest of my cashout.

You know when something is too good to be true? There was a 300% bonus on deposits of over $200 which was NOT listed as Sticky. A 200% bonus was sticky, and a lower bonus on a lesser amount was not. General terms stated that bonuses over100% were sticky, but also stated that specific bonus terms override general bonus terms. I asked chat over and over if this was correct, as it seemed a poor deal on the casino's part. I played further after meeting WR expecting a cashout of a certain amount.

After realizing I had been paid less, I wrote to the rep and asked them to look for the chat (I knew the date and approximate time), and they told me no such chat existed, and that all bonuses over 100% were sticky.

I did not PAB as I had no proof, and was unable to find it via Wayback machine. I no longer play with any of their casinos. I think had the rep told me the promo was an error, and the rep was wrong (he was looking at the same thing I was), I would have PAB'd, and win or lose, continued playing with the group, I was a pretty regular depositor.

I now take more screenshots than I used to, and copy and paste chats, not relying on a request or the email me a copy facility. This was at least four or five years ago.


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Feb 21, 2006
I now take more screenshots than I used to, and copy and paste chats, not relying on a request or the email me a copy facility. This was at least four or five years ago.

I went full surveilance long time ago and use Camptasia Screenrecording for most of my game sessions. I must have a few TBs of MP4 video, Im saving it for a rainy day I guess or for further examination if I ever get the time for it. Must be thousands of hours - only a gambling maniac like me or a statistician fanatic can possibly have interest in this material hehe. Also - since Netent wont let you get the player logs - or if they do they have made sure to present the logs in a way that it has absolutely zero value for reading the gameplay and betsizes. A screenrecording gives you atleast the chance of manual adding the spins into your data collector (assuming only I have one haha) so that you can visualize the results a little better.

But yes never rely on on getting a copy of the email from the casino - unless they use (as most do theese days) the same chat clients as most people use they work nice. I know I copy and paste into notepad during a chat sometimes in intervals if the chat gets interested and I get a feeling the chat could go go go gadget on me and dissapair!

Yes good to be back - I will try getting an overview of whats new here at casinomeister since last time and hopefully we get to contribute with some more "reel cracking" this time to - metaphorically speaking!