Why use twitter?


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Why use twitter? Is there a way in which this can be incorporated within one's viral marketing?


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First of all, you have to learn Twitter's social rules (remembers me someone giving advices to forum newbies...I think I've seen in on Youtube :D).
It is not acceptable that you didn't already add me to the people you are following because:
1/ I'm a member of your forum
2/ I added you in Twitter
3/ I'm a good guy

Seriously, my advice would be that you go in the Find People engine, and that you type the name or pseudo of every person you know and that you start following them.
See what they do, and you'll get it very quickly.
That's the magic of Twitter, it's so easy to use.
FriendFeed is much better, it has crazy useful features, but very few people use it because it's way to complicate for the newbie.
Then, you will have to ask yourself if the time you'll have to invest in Twitter worth it.
I don't have time to write a long post now but Twitter is definitely the most powerful social marketing tool available leaving Facebook far behind.
And when I mean social marketing, I mean marketing....monies :D
I'll give more info tomorrow.


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Okay, what's with the "following" and "followers" thing? It sounds like stalking :D

If you are follower, do you receive a message every time I post something there? Is that it?


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No, the tweets (aka posts) from the folks you are following show up on your Home page at twitter. It's as if you're listening to them so only their stuff shows up for you.

The 'culture' at Twitter is supposedly to gain lots of followers .. my wife uses it a lot and she says the 'lots of followers' thing is just a pain, far better to follow a few good people than a bunch of wankers. It takes some time to find a good crowd. You usually find good folk by looking at the followers of people you follow and like.

Another, less reliable, way to find good folks to follow is to search for terms you are interested in. Then you'll see all the tweets on that subject (supposedly) and be able to see who's posts you like, you follow them, they follow you and on it goes.

It's generally thought to be good Twitter etiquette to follow anyone that follows you. Another good way to get a Home page full of crap if you ask me.

As to the viral marketing aspect of it .. dunno, I'm too much of a dullard when it comes to those kinds of things to say. What I can say though is that most folks are on Twitter to be entertained with little snippets from other people's lives, hobbies, whatever. Most folk that I've seen that are purely into the self-promotion thing get dropped pretty quickly. On the other hand there are a lot of marketing whores on Twitter too so .. like I said, I'm not exactly the go-to guy on things like this.


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There's an interesting article about the value and growth of Twitter
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We've recently started using Twitter to quickly broadcast our promotions, Money Back Specials, winners, tournaments and sign up offers of our various products. It's quick, it's easy, it's a one stop shop.

You can view our page here - www.twitter.com/PaddyAffiliates.

As you can see, we're still learning! I found that 6 Twitter Tips for Dummies really useful. We've not really actively sought followers - that's next! Feel free to join us and of course, we'll stick to the rules/etiquette and share the love by following you back!

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Thought this might of interest:
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These days, everyone is talking about social media and discussing what services and tools to use, how to use them, why you should use them, etc. In fact, if you listened to all the advice out there, you would probably think that no matter who you are, whether an individual wanting to build a personal brand, or a large multinational corporation intent on communicating with customers, you should be using social media. But is social media for everyone? Are there times when you shouldn't be using it at all? ....
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Read yesterday that Google is about to make a $250 million offer for Twitter.

Regarding Twitter's intrinsic value, I can see the possibilities, but some of the inane stuff posted by celebs and avidly reported by the media puts me off somewhat. It's also likely to keep you glued to email or your hardware for even longer each day, which doesn't really appeal even in a social context.


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... some of the inane stuff posted by celebs and avidly reported by the media puts me off somewhat.
Yup, no doubt that there's a tsunami of worthless shit on Twitter, but there's other stuff too. If you manage to tap into the right crowd it can be worthwhile, and entertaining. Takes time though, like all these kinds of things.


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I started using it for my seo company. Don't know if I'm using it in the correct context of how it's meant to be used, but it's a very useful tool. Still learning a lot though. And yes used in the right manner I believe it could make you money too :D



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Thought the "Twitter yes? Twitter no?" peeps might be interested in this:
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at PCWorld.com

A Nielsen report this week revealed that Twitter has an uncanny knack for hemorrhaging users. In fact, some 60 percent of new users bail on the service within a month. For those of us who've been tweeting for a couple of years, this isn't exactly a shocker. Many longtime users have gone through that initial period of wondering what, if any, use Twitter might be. And maybe it's better for everyone if those who don't get it refrain from tweeting until they do.

... But eventually, for most of us anyway, it dawns on us that Twitter is a lot more than a worldwide stream of trivial, self-promotional text bombs. And when that happens, we begin to see the beauty in Twitter's simple, terse messaging system. Used in conjunction with a good client app like TweetDeck, Twitter becomes an active massively multi-user conversation to rival any other social medium. The more people you follow, the more enlightening that conversation can be.

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I learned plenty in my first 2 months on twitter. I started for business
and now the pleasureable side has taken over. I am leary to post
too much gambling stuff, so as not to offend my followers.

On a side note:
I just hit a 50:1 shot on the Kentucky Derby because the name had bird in it,
so I picked him to win and show. "Mind that Bird" bet at Intertops.

I learned this quickly:
1. Twitter is a lot like sex, if you don't do it right, it may be
boring and painful for all parties involved.
2. Twitter is a lot like life... you get out what you put in.
3. Twitter is a lot like poker... sometimes you just have to bluff.

10 secrets for new users:
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How not to annoy your followers and maybe get a few more:
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How to get more followers:
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"Don't be a Twitter Twit" posted in Casino Meister joke section:

Follow me and I will try to tweet you right.