why nobody opens a poker site in turkish?


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Apr 20, 2006
there are currently two poker sites in turkish. one of them is www.kaave.com the other is www.oyunsalonu.com. the first is a plain robber. terminates memberships without any apparent reason, gets incredibly high(%10 for a single poker hand) .they have a license from Kahnwake which in my opinion sucks. the other consists of more honest people but they simply cannot handle they have no experience. the poker versions mostly played in Turkey are very simple. 5 card draw is played with 32 cards and four players. and 5 card stud. there is great potential at least 20 .000 members are waiting for you. and we REALLY need a serious Turkish poker site where we will not be robbed.
Hi dreamtheatre,

I know you're upset at kaave.com - but if you continue to rant by creating new threads, I'll have to suspend your account until you cool down. Thanks!
ok i will not write anything more

you are right casinomeister.

i think i have lost control. but kahnwake could have at least written an answer to me. i think they resemble their client. they both insist on ignoring mails .

i will post no more threads.i will be patient and wait for an answer

selam. televizyonda "snatch" oynuyordu. onu izleyip yattım.

cevabını şimdi grdm. forumda dilimi konuşan insanları grmek gzel.

kaptırdığım parayı alabilsem gnlerim ok gzel olacak.

I dont think,20,000 potential customers is enough for building a Turkish poker site.

And what was yur problem with these sites?Did you win and cant able to reach your withdrawals?

--Bu arada TR'den Selamlar--
Thank you Simmo!

dreamtheatre,I know kaave.com is not very professional.All tehir staff are non-educated.I think they find 10 people who knows speaking Turkish and playing okey,Turkish poker,etc and put 2-3 of them to management.

I heared they closed players account without any good reason.

But I dont think you wont get back your money.May be they wont pay your winnings(it is about 100$) but I am sure they will pay your deposit (700$)

May be you dont know,getting withdrawals from kaave takes about 15 days.(sometimes more).So please patient,and wait at least 10 days.

And for next time,try international and big and honest sites.May be you wont find Turkish poker game,but you can be sure you will have friendly responds from friendly customer rep,and if you win it takes a few hours to receive your winnings.
i really doubt it

thanks for your interest my dear friend from Bursa.

My mother is also from Bursa so we are "hemşeri" .

i really doubt that kaave.com will pay my money because there are many people in my situation with whom i had to opportunity to talk in various forums. some of them have been expelled like me without any apparent reason and none of them have been paid. some of the member names of these people are herpess,hayal_et,oguzhan_(that is me),cakabo1903,aykut21 so on. some of these members have been waiting for months
turkish sites

hello if you look for 5 card turkish poker i suggest you play with your friends
i play texas holdem for 5 years and its a very good game some mojor sites have 5 card draw but with full card deck its same about kaave.com when i checked their site i dont think they are worth playing they have very bad odds for video poker and lack of games i think if you didnt do something cheaty they will pay its same in all sites if you cheat and get cought you will lose all your money in that site like "zeejustin" lost 100k or more right i sugggest to play with your skill no to try bad ways or programs let you help to cheat

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