Why is Casino On Net so popular?


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Sep 20, 2001
Does anyone actually like CON? They have great customer service but the software stinks, they have 2 slot machines and the video poker only has $1 coins.

Also, has anyone ever won on CON's blackjack? I can win a fair share on other casinos (bossmedia, microgaming) but NEVER have any luck on CON's blackjack.
CON blackjack has been very fair overall for us; they allow shared pc use. Have won at least double the sessions we have lost, and can count on them to always pay, although it takes a few weeks for checks to arrive down this way.

Another reason they are popular is that sometimes they surprise players by just popping some money into their account. It's happened to us just the once, but it was a very nice thing to do after giving signup bonuses earlier.

I've found that for months I'll win/lose on a particular software, then it reverses.
Just to add, they spend millions on advertising. And they spend thos emillions consistently. The Net is plastered with their banners and they grabbed all the big names early on when this industry was in its infant stages.

Now, even if they don't market for a good year or two they'll still be rolling in dough and brand name recognition.

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