Why dont online casinos just do like real casinos


Dec 6, 2004
Parts, Unknown
and offer a coupon for 1 match play only? If I goto a B&M Casino and goto players reward. I can get a coupon book with match bonuses on 1 bet only per game. If I wager $5 at blackjack and use a $5 match coupon that will be a $10 bet and I keep the winnings. And they get their coupon back. That I believe will solve all this crazy bonus abuse issues. People should play with their own money and stop letting these casinos control both parties money with their crazy terms. Or limit Bonus to 10% or 20% of deposits and allow them to play as they please. This will certainly stop all the nonsense.
I'm 100% with you, I get coupons for thosands in free play a month from "real" casinos with no wagering requirments, a real casino would laugh in the face of wagering requirments. But of course the online casino would argue that their payouts far exceed the vegas standard of 80 some percent, of course they're quoting a 1991 survey of payouts. I guess 1% is alot to an online casino.

I also think that a land based casino makes more money per day that an online one. Just my guess.

When I lived in Reno, I got those free BJ coupons all the time.

I went to Foxwoods last night to play bingo and then some slots.

How about this payout rate!


I was just itching to get back home where I could play some games that I actually had a chance at winning.

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