Why does google allow these ads


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Jul 18, 2005
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Google doesn't advertise for online casinos or affiliates for online casinos. I guess that is for ethical reasons, which is fine. But if you google "roulette", a million ads for different roulette systems shows up? How can they possibly allow this?

I e-mailed someone at google about it and the reply I got was that some ads slip through their system even when they don't follow the guidelines, and told me that thay won't be up for long. But some of these ads have been up for months now so apparantly they are allowed.

Why not allow drug advertisment while they're at it?
Google slot machine and see how many beat the machine systems come up, those google sponsored ads are annoying, does anyone ever even click on them?
Why does google allow these ads? It is the money. They get 10$ per click and more. Enough to make compromises against the morality. Here you get the data:

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