Why do you on-line gamble?


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Dec 14, 2003
Why do you on-line gamble? Gambling in it's self is a risky venture. But on-line gambling is super risky. Rigged software, slow payouts, no payouts and etc..... Yet will still do it. Why? In my case i think it's a combination of things. Fun, boredom, excitement, convenience, and the love of gambling to name a few. An even though the odds are against me I still do it. Atleast when I enter a land based casino I feel I can win, but on-line it's a whole different story. When I see people posting about winning money and not being able to collect their winnings. It just blows. Also even worse ever try playing for fun after playing for real money. No juice what so ever. Were hooked. Just wish it was better regulated. Oh well, gotta go gamble. See ya.
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