Why do casino's refuse Roulette profit?


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
We've touched on this subject before - but the more I think about it, the more daft it becomes!
Roulette is probably the best know casino game in the whole world - many many casinos feature images of it in their logo or advertising.
Roulette has a HUGE house advantage compared to other games:- 2.7% for single zero, 5.26% for double (Why on earth does ANYONE play double zero tables???), and yet it is still banned from wagering requirements, in the vast majority of online casino bonuses!

Furthermore, every online casino I've ever seen (until today*) has a minimum chip size of one credit (1 or $1) - this is also mad! I can understand why B&M casinos would do this, but not online! When it's a computer game, there is no time or overhead pressure - so why not allow smaller chips? Even many Roulette machines in UK bookies & arcades have 10p chips.
When I play I use a pattern that requires a absolute minimum of 9 chips - but there's no way I am going to regularly play online at 9 or $9 per spin!

I would like to hear from anyone, especially casino operators, a sensible, logical and reasonable answer as to why they have these crazy rules?? :confused:

* I just discovered that Virgin Games have a 10p version. (Maybe other Playtechs too?). So you can guess where I'm going to be throwing away my cash, while all the other online casino lose out! :p

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