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Why Cashing Out is a good thing to do...

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by LondonDJ, Jan 19, 2011.

    Jan 19, 2011
  1. LondonDJ

    LondonDJ Experienced Member

    Hi folks,

    I’ve been reading posts on here for a while and I thought it was about time to man up and say hello. I’ve really enjoyed reading the various ramblings, complaints, tales of joy and woe, frustration and triumph. I’ve also gotten some really helpful tips around playing in a more disciplined way and keeping the inner beastie in check. Thanks in particular to Kasino King and his remarkable website.

    One thread that really stayed with me was about trying to cash out smaller amounts. I read that and I had a proper little think to myself. I realized that while I have regretted depositing more than I would like to (on many occasions), I can honestly say, with rock-solid certainty, that I have NEVER, EVER regretted making a cashout. With that in mind I have begin to cash out smaller amounts more frequently and it’s made a huge difference.

    I find I’m spending less overall, my bankroll is lasting much longer, and I’m enjoying myself more. It’s a great feeling when I cashout £100 here and there and just see it rack up. Since the start of the New Year I’ve managed to do this with both of the casinos that I regularly play at. What I’m really happy about is that instead of ploughing that money straight back in I have:

    1) Bought my brother a very cool new TV (He’s getting married and has just moved into a new house so is completely skint).

    2) Bought my girlfriend a nice new laptop (she was going to get one on finance - bleurgh).

    3) Paid entirely for my summer holiday to…Las Vegas! (maybe not the smartest destination for me :yahoo:)

    Almost £1700.00 all told and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without changing my pattern of play and learning some discipline. So, thanks! Thanks for the accumulated knowledge and stories, thanks to Casinomeister for a great, informative, fun website and here’s to many more cashouts for all of us.

    They really are the best.
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  2. Jan 19, 2011
  3. Pulver

    Pulver Senior Member PABaccred webmeister

    What I do when I hit the slots is that I set myself goals when I play. Let's say that if deposit $100, I say to myself that if I reach $500 I will cash out. When I play and if I get a lucky win and get let's say a $550 balance, I will play down to $500. If I keep winning I set myself new goals. Like $100 down from the balance after a win I cash out. This way you don't end up loosing all your profits back from endless spinning of the reels and you don't end up kicking yourself in the head for not cashing out.

    Another "safer way" if you lack self controll is to cash out and leave something to play with. Lets say $500 balance, you cash out $400 and keep playing with the $100. If you keep winning, rinse and repeat.

    Anyways, congratulations on your winnings. :thumbsup:
  4. Jan 19, 2011
  5. jod5413

    jod5413 Is That Better?

    having a good time doing anything
    somewhere on the planet
    Both of you, LondonDJ and Pulver, have very good attitudes and self control in handling your gambling money.

    My biggest downfall is that I am not always able to make myself stop when I am on a roll. I will say, if I get up to a certain dollar amount I won, I will cash out and leave just a bit to play on. Then, silly old gal that I am, I decide to just play a little more. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!!

    So much for self control, huh? :p I am thankful that I am truly a low roller and never have to worry about losing the rent money or whatever. :thumbsup:
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  6. Jan 19, 2011
  7. nothappy

    nothappy Dormant account PABnoaccred2

    I always just tell myself that if I am lucky enough to still have a balance after wagering requirements for a bonus that I will just cashout then. Bonuses and the subsequent playthrough are my targets. That way I can never play too little or too long. I simply force myself to cashout after meeting the requirements and when I am paid I do it again.
    What I must do is limit myself to a certain amount to deposit per week. That is how I budget my funds. If I win in a week I don't count it as a surplus and spend even more the following week. I am on a strict weekly budget for deposits. That way I don't lose all of my money back to the casino quickly and can actually make positive gains some months.

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